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Expanding Your Rebound: Navigating 2023 with Agility

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We encourage our podcast listeners to kick 2023 off by listening to this new broadcast from the Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF) about expanding your rebound and finding ways to navigate this new year with agility. 

The importance of setting your top priorities for 2023 is explored in-depth within today’s episode of our weekly podcast. 

Like many healthcare leaders, you may be experiencing:

  • Decreasing workforce engagement.
  • Recruitment and retention difficulties.
  • Heightened staffing challenges.

Despite these obstacles, we all know there are plenty of goals that need to be met. This podcast is co-hosted by three speakers from our HXF team: Katie Owens, Kathleen Lynam, and Brooke Billingsley.

The team shares best practices from our work with more than 300 organizations in this session. We focus on the top priorities that can give you a jump start into making 2023 a year filled with resilience and empathy.

“We've seen a lot of grit. People are determined to have purpose in what they do every day and make the best of the environment that they're in,” Brooke said. 

Topis covered in this discussion includes:

  • Leading 2023 with compassionate leadership.
  • It’s all about the relationship- and everyone plays a role.
  • Nurse and clinician retention is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Overcommunicate and enhance cascade communication strategies.

As a former Chief Nursing Officer, Kathleen describes the way she poured her energy and compassion into taking care of patients and admits she overlooked the vitally important self-compassion element. She encourages listeners to practice self-compassion as they look to navigate 2023 with agility and grace. 

“As a CNO, I realized I was a good CNO, and I cared about my people. I was compassionate for our patients, but I never demonstrated self-compassion,” she said.

Our panel goes on to discuss the need to address the suffering of our staff, colleagues, and ourselves, and to do a better job of practicing self-compassion. They admit self-compassion is probably the hardest thing for any nurse, doctor, or health care provider to do. 

Katie encourages listeners to avoid delegating the responsibility of employee retention as it is everyone’s task to be accountable for it. 

“Things like support, trust, and communication… that can't be delegated. That's all about the relationship people have one-on-one with their preceptor,” Kathleen added. 

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