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Defining Excellent Patient Experience Leadership with Hope Brown

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We are excited to welcome Hope Brown back to the Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast this week for a discussion about patient experience leadership. 

Hope is the Patient Experience Director with Children's Hospital and Medical Center, a regional pediatric specialty health care center in Omaha, Nebraska. 

“My role is to really help ensure that the parents and kiddos that come into our organization understand how much our organization truly cares about them and wants to help them through their health care journey,” Hope told us.

Hope feels as though leading by example is very important for folks in a healthcare leadership position. For Hope, it’s her own experience as a mother of four that helps her better lead by example in her role with Children’s Hospital.

“My biggest leadership role is as a mom, and I think about how much I lead by example in parenting,” she said. “I can say a thousand different things to my kids, but what they do is what they see me do.”

As mentioned midway through today’s conversation, Hope believes that everyone is capable of leadership as long as they have a desire to lead.

“I think everyone is capable of almost everything," she said. 

“If you're willing to be introspective and to learn, grow and push yourself and adapt and evolve to the environment that's there -- and the needs that are there -- I think everyone can be a leader. It's just, whether you really have the desire to be that or not.”

As the interview wraps up, Hope discusses the value of leaning on a coach for some much needed leadership guidance as a healthcare professional. We learn from Hope that it is helpful to think of coaching as more than just a way to correct things we may be doing wrong.

“I think in a lot of places coaching is given that kind of bad rap because it's more about focusing on negatives,” she said. 

For listeners that may have missed Hope’s first appearance on our show, please make sure to check out Advancing the Patient Experience in Children’s Healthcare.

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Time Stamps

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  • Please introduce yourself by telling us about your professional background and what your current position entails? (00:45)
  • What are your thoughts on the importance of leading by example? (1:20)
  • What does effective leadership look like to you? (2:45) 
  • Do you think everyone is capable of being a leader? (4:30) 
  • What are some of the telltale characteristics of someone who really steps up to lead others in both patient care and providing excellent patient experiences? (5:28)
  • Advice for folks that feel like they don’t need a coach? (7:49)
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