Navigating The Important Future HCAHPS Survey Changes

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This week on the Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast we are thrilled to share with you the rebroadcast of our HCAHPS 2.0 webinars covering the most important upcoming changes to the survey that will be headed our way in 2025.

Last month the Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF) team delivered two free webinars designed to prepare you and your team for success with HCAHPS 2.0.

We provided a high impact briefing on the expected changes to survey administration, including question modifications and eliminations, as well as the introduction of new domains and questions.

These webinars equipped attendees with the knowledge to leverage the new CMS HCAHPS survey, allowing you to concentrate and refocus your patient experience initiatives.

The discussions were led by HXF President, Katie Owens, MHA, CPXP, and were moderated by Kim Bixler, HXF’s Director of Client Engagement.

If you are interested in the slides from these presentations, or any of the accompanying resources discussed in these webinars, please send Kim a message here: and she will send them over to you for free.

A Look Back on HCAHPS

As Katie opened the webinar, she nostalgically reminded us of the time nearly two decades ago when the original HCAHPS survey came into existence. This marked a pivotal moment in healthcare history, significantly altering the way patient experience would be measured moving forward.

While there may be differing opinions on the merits and challenges associated with it, what remains indisputable is that approximately 2.3 million patients, spanning various adult medical-surgical operations and all payer types, participate in this survey.


The first part of this two-part series focused on unveiling HCAHPS 2.0 and understanding the changes, while the second part delved into leveraging these changes to improve patient care and experiences.

In both webinars, key topics included explaining the changes brought by HCAHPS 2.0, the new composites and individual items, intended methodology changes, and the importance of preparing teams for success with the new survey.

Throughout these webinars, Katie emphasized the value of understanding current HCAHPS performance, engaging patient and family perspectives, and focusing on teamwork, safety, staff courtesy, and respect as key drivers of patient experience.

Additionally, strategies for achieving consistency in healthcare practices, improving patient communication, enhancing care coordination, and effectively using relationship rounding and discharge phone calls were key items addressed throughout these webinars.

The audience was encouraged to focus on developing high-impact universal skills, ensuring staff engagement and growth opportunities, and aligning behaviors with patient expectations. The webinar series not only provided insights into the upcoming changes in HCAHPS but also offered practical tools for teams to prepare and adapt to the evolving survey methodology.

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