Back to Basics: Relationship Rounding to Drive Outcomes

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Please enjoy this week’s edition of the Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast, which features a repackaged broadcast of our recent webinar titled ‘Back to Basics – Relationship Rounding to Drive Outcomes.’

This highly popular and well-received webinar has been edited and condensed to offer a more listener-friendly podcast experience.

This conversation is led by Katie Owens, MHA, CPXP, President of the Healthcare Experience Foundation.

Trust in leadership remains a key driver of clinician and physician engagement. However, rounding continues to be an elusive strategy for healthcare leaders aiming to create positive outcomes. Join us for an impactful conversation that will help elevate your leadership rounding practices, ultimately boosting engagement, retention, and enhancing patient experiences of care.

In the complex landscape of healthcare, where patient care is at the core, effective leadership plays a crucial role in ensuring that clinical teams are engaged, motivated, and aligned toward delivering the best possible care. The conversation surrounding leadership rounding holds immense importance due to its potential to address some of the most pressing challenges in healthcare today.

One of the central themes of this conversation is trust. Trust forms the bedrock of any successful relationship, and the doctor-patient relationship is obviously no exception to this rule.

Trust between leaders and frontline clinicians is viral. When leaders engage in rounding – regularly interacting with their teams, understanding their challenges, and recognizing their achievements – they foster an environment of trust and open communication.

This not only leads to improved morale among healthcare professionals but also positively impacts patient care. When clinicians feel valued and heard, they are more likely to be invested in their work, resulting in better patient experiences and outcomes.

Rounding allows leaders to gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by their teams. By having firsthand insights into workflow bottlenecks, resource constraints, and clinical issues, leaders can make informed decisions and implement targeted improvements much faster.

Leadership rounding is not just about checking boxes; it’s about gaining insights that enable leaders to drive meaningful change.

Loyal listeners to our podcast know that patient experiences and outcomes are inextricably linked, and effective leadership rounding ensures that clinicians have the resources they need to provide optimal care.

All of this translates into better experiences for patients. When leaders actively engage with their teams, they are better equipped to understand the challenges that might affect patient care delivery. This understanding can lead to changes that truly make a difference in the patient’s experience.

Today’s broadcast highlights that rounding is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Different healthcare settings, specialties, and teams might require tailored rounding practices. Adaptability is key, and rounding strategies need to evolve to meet specific, evolving challenges and seize opportunities.

Leadership rounding in healthcare is pivotal. As healthcare systems strive for continuous improvement, rounding offers a roadmap for leaders to create meaningful impacts on engagement and retention, and help elevate patient experiences.

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Meet Katie Owens

Katie believes that the way we deliver and receive healthcare matters—not just for the patients, but for the caregivers, the providers, and administration, too.

As President of the Healthcare Experience Foundation, Katie is taking bold steps to assure that every organization has access to resources for engaging patients and developing their workforce to achieve results. Katie is an innovator, implementing new ways to deliver the best in patient-centered care.

She has influenced hundreds of organizations and thousands of leaders to equip their cultures and instill competencies that create environments of person-centered excellence. Her fundamental tenet is that every person is worthy of an environment where they feel confident in receiving and delivering the best possible care. Known as a leader among leaders, Katie previously served on the HealthStream Leadership Team as Vice President of the Engagement Institute. She also served on the Baptist Health Care (BHC) leadership team in Pensacola, Florida, where she supported the system’s sustained journey to excellence. Katie has led teams of expert coaches dedicated to improving the quality of the patient experience and has been instrumental in creating leading-edge learning assets to support patient experience competencies. She is most proud of having grown Baptist Leadership Group to one of the most respected healthcare coaching practices in the country before being acquired by HealthStream in 2013.

Katie is the lead author of The HCAHPS Imperative for Creating Patient-Centered Excellence and is currently writing her second book about the importance of speaking the patient’s language. She is frequently quoted and has been published in the Huffington Post, Healthcare Financial Management Magazine and Hospitals and Health Networks. She is an energetic, internationally-recognized speaker and has presented for many highly-respected organizations, including American College of Healthcare Executives, Beryl Institute, Cleveland Clinic’s Empathy Summit, Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development, and Healthcare Financial Management Association.

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