Safer Transitions: Closing Discharge Gaps with CARES™ Connect

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We know that a poor discharge experience for patients can have a negative impact on otherwise excellent patient care. 

Discharge communication can commonly fall flat, but CARES™ provides a framework of key communication skills and behaviors for delivering excellent patient experiences, every time. This is the power of the CARES™. 

To learn more about this framework, we are excited to share today’s Healthcare Experience Matters podcast episode featuring a recent webinar from PRC and the Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF), called, “Safer Transitions: Closing Discharge Gaps with CARES™ Connect.”

This webinar has been edited and condensed for a more friendly podcast listening experience. It features two very acclaimed experts on this subject matter, Audrey Page, CPXP, and Kathleen Lynam. 

Audrey serves as Senior Vice President, Patient Experience Solutions, with PRC. Kathleen Lynam is an Executive Coach and Senior Advisor with HXF. 

As a Certified Patient Experience Professional (CPXP), Audrey is widely known as an expert in this field. She has earned a reputation of being devoted to client’s success and has been working with PRC clients since joining the organization in 1997. 

Before joining HXF, Kathleen was a registered nurse with The Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, N.J. She rose from a position of staff nurse to Vice President of Acute and Ambulatory Services at this world-class hospital outside New York City. 

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You are not alone if you have worried about a patient that was discharged from your unit because you suspected that neither they nor their family member understood the instructions you provided. 

With today’s fast paced environments, it is common to feel that you did not have enough time to spend with a patient and their family to ensure they understood all the follow-up instructions. 

If you realized that a patient you discharged a few days prior was back in the Emergency Room, it is possible that poor discharge communication could be the culprit. Research shows that newly discharged patients are at high risk for many reasons, which is made worse by the difficult and often complicated healthcare environment in today’s hospitals.

This podcast – featuring Audrey and Kathleen – should help you learn how CARES™ Connect can help you feel more confident. It may also help you ensure that your patients better understand the crucial elements of their discharge instructions and have a safer transition home.

After listening to today’s podcast, it will be clear that both Audrey and Kathleen have a unique perspective on the patient experience, effective communication, and the many ways organizations can drive sustainable improvement. 

We must make sure patients feel as though the hospital is contacting them with a genuine concern for their well-being after the hospital experience has concluded. Learn how this experience can better be humanized in today’s podcast. 

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Meet Kathleen Lynam, RN, MPA

Today, Kathleen Lynam brings extensive clinical, operational, and executive level experience in both small and large healthcare organizations across the country to her role as Executive Coach. But Kathleen is so much more than a coach. She is a national speaker, presenter and champion for patient care. Before stepping into the world of healthcare administration and, specifically, coaching, Kathleen spent over 40 years as a front-line nurse and Chief Nursing Officer at various medical centers and hospitals systems throughout New Jersey and New York. She knows what strong teams look and act like, having served in various leadership and coaching positions for large healthcare systems like Duke University Health System in Raleigh, Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern, New York as well as urban hospitals and community medical centers in the Bronx and Queens.

Now, with over 40 years of diverse experience in healthcare management, Kathleen is acutely aware of the power of positive patient care experiences on not just administrators seeking to improve outcomes, but also nursing teams working to make a difference in the lives of their patients.

Whether it’s working side-by-side to help front-line nurses and teams uncover different ways to wow patients and families, or working side-by-side with CEOs and CMOs of hospitals to solicit authentic feedback from members of their teams, Kathleen’s greatest delight is empowering healthcare teams with an engaging, hands-on approach that helps both organizations and individuals thrive.

Kathleen is a respected executive coach who has worked with organizations across the country to achieve results through embracing a culture of “every patient every time.” She has authored numerous articles on patient-centered communication, physician engagement and coaching, and has been a featured writer and speaker for notable organizations and publications such as PX Advisor Magazine, The Beryl Institute, Duke University, Dominical College School of Nursing, AACP, and the Society of Healthcare Pharmacists.

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