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How to Fix Incivility in the Workplace with Jeff Robbins

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Tackling some of the toughest topics in healthcare is what this podcast is all about and for many folks out there, few things are as seemingly difficult as battling incivility. We are grateful for the return of Jeff Robbins, MBA, CPXP, to our Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast this week as we discuss fighting incivility in the workplace.

Jeff is the Director of Coaching here at the Healthcare Experience Foundation. He encompasses a deep passion for fighting incivility in the workplace. As he talks about in-depth on today’s recording, it was his own experience dealing with incivility that shaped his desire to fight it. 

“I have had some personal experiences with incivility and this is what has fueled my passion with it, and that's why I enjoy talking about it and creating awareness,” Jeff told us. 

Incivility is an unfortunate situation that so many of us have dealt with in the workplace. While it is always a persistent issue, it seems to be more prevalent during times of high employee turnover, quiet quitting, etc. 

“Incivility can prevent communication between clinicians and detract from the entire patient experience. It can also result in a super high turnover rate and overall burnout,” Jeff said. 

Luckily, the last couple years of these high-stress workplace issues have brought more attention to this lack of civility in healthcare.

“Incivility is highly contagious and it's kind of like a disease. To combat it, you first have to acknowledge that you have this thing going on in your institution,” he said.

Awareness is the first step in dealing with incivility and it can happen in any industry. Furthermore, it happens on a continuum, and some occurrences of it can be more subtle than other occurrences, but either way… you must be aware of it.

This past September, our podcast released a pre-recorded live learning event with Jeff called “What it Takes to Restore a Culture of Civility in Healthcare.” You can go back and revisit that episode here: Restore a Culture of Civility in Healthcare

Today’s chat is a follow up to that very important discussion where we go one-on-one with Jeff to dig deeper into this dire need to foster healthy work environments. We deeply believe anyone can benefit from learning about the need to combat incivility. We encourage all listeners to share today’s episode with their teams of leadership, staff, physicians, and more. 

Jeff is a veteran contributor to our HX Matters podcast. He has also joined us for powerful episodes about driving excellent patient experiences and using data to tell a story. You can revisit those podcasts here:

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