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Tips for Giving Feedback and Overcoming Impression Management

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This week on Healthcare Experience Matters we are covering communication tips for overcoming impression management. We also provide vital tips for giving feedback to our peers and colleagues. 

Development of these skillsets continues to be a major theme of both this podcast and our patient care profession as a whole. Today’s broadcast is a repurposed webinar from the Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF) team with critical communication advice that has been condensed into a friendly podcast listening experience. 

With this episode, we want to explore what gets in the way of effective feedback and dive into what it takes to elevate your communication/leadership skills. Today’s podcast also includes our top five strategies to give more effective feedback.

Katie Owens is our featured speaker for today’s episode. She currently serves as HXF Co-Founder and President.

As leaders, one of our most sacred responsibilities is to help the people around us grow. As individuals, we usually want to manage others’ impressions of ourselves in a positive light. To create learning and improvement, giving feedback is essential. 

Many times, we believe we give great feedback, only to see patterns repeat or the other person is left confused or uncertain. 

“The most effective feedback is a two-way conversation. Feedback is not best delivered with a megaphone,” she said.

Effective feedback is all about the debrief and the follow up. While it might sound simple, you've got to always have a willing coach or leader and a willing learner.

As a leader, we may be working with somebody who lacks self-awareness or avoids soliciting it outright. This makes it feel like we're giving unsolicited feedback. Neither person wants to risk awkward confrontations or an emotional wake of fallout as a result. 

The problem is that this scenario ends up with us giving half-hearted compliments or half-hearted constructive points because we're not quite sure what to say. 

In today’s podcast, Katie encourages us to work on these shortcomings in very practical ways, so we get better for next time. 

“Sometimes as a leader, we're not always clear on exactly what we want that learner to change,” Katie said. “If we're not clear about it, how can we ever make sure that they're clear about what we're trying to address?” 

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