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A Year in Review: 2021 and the Healthcare Experience

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As we turn the corner towards a new year, many healthcare organizations are asking, “What’s next and where do we set our priorities and focus?”

It is no secret that 2021 has been a difficult year for many people. For a second consecutive year, our healthcare systems have been tested in unprecedented ways. Despite these issues, there are always reasons for hope.

On today’s podcast we look back on this tumultuous year. While it is evident these challenges will not be solved overnight, taking time to reflect can be a step in the right direction.

We are joined by Katie Owens, Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF) co-founder and president, for today’s interview. We discuss takeaways from 2021 while we also look forward towards 2022 and share reasons to be optimistic. 

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  • Today's podcast wraps up 2021 by reflecting on what has worked for organizations. As discussed, helping healthcare teams move beyond one of the most uncertain periods we have ever experienced is a lofty, yet attainable goal. 

    Katie also discusses some of the trends HXF saw across our field last year while working with extraordinary healthcare organizations and leaders. 

    “I think the number one trend that we've seen among those we worked with, is going back to basics,” Katie said. “We've seen organizations go back to focusing on restoring resilience and engagement.” 

    As the new year rolls in, it will be crucial for organizations to better recognize signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue and burnout. There must be a collaborative effort to interject resiliency solutions.  

    “We've seen a focus on restoring leadership visibility and rounding as a tool to support the workforce,” Katie said. 

    A lot has changed since 2019 when it comes to stability within the workforce.  

    “91% of hospital executives have had to hire traveling or agency nurses this past year due to the pandemic, versus about 60% of hospitals and health care systems back in 2019,” Katie said.

    This brings a strong need for creative onboarding strategies to help orient these temporary team members so they feel equipped for success. 

    Teambuilding can be a massive challenge when team members are constantly changing, but the need for adaptive strategies to meet these challenges head-on will be important for organizations in 2022 and beyond. 

    Restoring physician engagement and physician loyalty was another trend Katie discussed with us on today’s podcast. 

    Organizations will have their hands full of challenges in 2022, but physician loyalty simply cannot be neglected. Building trust will also be key for organizations. 

    “Other key trends that we've seen is the need to focus for your medical staff around demonstrating an excellent patient experience, excellent nursing care, and building administration-physician trust so that physicians feel they are involved in strategic and operational decisions,” Katie said.

    Towards the end of today’s interview, Katie leaves us with a powerful quote to think about from Dr. George Mayzell:

    “Never let a let a crisis not be a catalyst for great opportunity.”

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