The Healthcare Experience (HX) Academy for Excellent Patient Encounters

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This week’s episode of the Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast takes a deep dive into the Healthcare Experience (HX) Academy, and how it can drive better patient encounters. 

Today’s discussion is moderated by HXF President Katie Owens.

Healthcare experiences consist of a million small encounters, each contributing to the overall impression of your organization. The HX Academy empowers you to ensure that the impression you and your team leave is a positive one.

The HX Academy, designed by physicians, clinicians, patient experience experts, healthcare leaders, and award-winning video producers, offers pragmatic advice to help you improve immediately.

The content and presentation styles in each lesson are rooted in the real-life experiences of our experts working with over 300 hospitals, healthcare systems, clinics, and long-term care organizations.

The HX Academy video lessons allow you to leverage the knowledge of leaders in the field, understanding their expertise about healthcare experiences in a way that textbooks often don’t allow.

Some key organizational benefits of exploring our HX Academy’s resources:

  • Elevating the patient experience journey
  • Improving organizational culture
  • Reducing turnover and turnover costs
  • Improving HCAHPS experience scores
  • Increasing physician and employee engagement

The HX Academy is an online learning and training platform dedicated to equipping healthcare leaders and staff with the essential skills and competencies to consistently provide outstanding care.

Derived from the collective experience of our team spanning over 600 healthcare organizations, the Academy addresses workforce engagement, quality of care, and the patient experience.

In this podcast that explores our Academy, Katie outlines three primary objectives: introducing the Healthcare Experience Academy, sharing key expected outcomes, and demonstrating the Academy’s unique approach to development.

Users of the HX Academy will gain valuable insights into topics such as compassionate communication, conflict management, empathy, emotional intelligence, service recovery, and more.

In this broadcast, Katie showcases the practical benefits of the Academy, by previewing a service recovery learning module video. You can check out the entire Service Recovery course from our HX Academy:

As Katie navigates the discussion, she invites listeners to reflect on their current training initiatives and consider the opportunities for patient experience education.

Today’s edition of the Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast concludes with an in-depth look at some successful use cases where organizations effectively deployed our HX Academy courses to enhance leader and staff comfort with service recovery and streamline development for patient experience competencies.

Whether you’re a healthcare leader, clinician, or part of the workforce, this Academy offers valuable insights into driving improvements in patient outcomes, team engagement, physician loyalty, and enhanced quality and safety outcomes.

The Academy offers resources that goes beyond traditional training methods, allowing healthcare professionals to better shape the future of healthcare training and its profound impact on patient care.

Education that pays you back.

Every healthcare professional deserves training opportunities that won’t break the bank, and that pay you back dividends over time. When you purchase a course (or a discounted bundle of courses) as an individual, you pay a one-time fee and receive access to that material.

Take your team’s professional growth to the next level. Interested in getting a custom quote or corporate access? Let’s talk, you can get a custom quote here:

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Meet Katie Owens

Katie believes that the way we deliver and receive healthcare matters—not just for the patients, but for the caregivers, the providers, and administration, too.

As President of the Healthcare Experience Foundation, Katie is taking bold steps to assure that every organization has access to resources for engaging patients and developing their workforce to achieve results. Katie is an innovator, implementing new ways to deliver the best in patient-centered care.

She has influenced hundreds of organizations and thousands of leaders to equip their cultures and instill competencies that create environments of person-centered excellence. Her fundamental tenet is that every person is worthy of an environment where they feel confident in receiving and delivering the best possible care. Known as a leader among leaders, Katie previously served on the HealthStream Leadership Team as Vice President of the Engagement Institute. She also served on the Baptist Health Care (BHC) leadership team in Pensacola, Florida, where she supported the system’s sustained journey to excellence. Katie has led teams of expert coaches dedicated to improving the quality of the patient experience and has been instrumental in creating leading-edge learning assets to support patient experience competencies. She is most proud of having grown Baptist Leadership Group to one of the most respected healthcare coaching practices in the country before being acquired by HealthStream in 2013.

Katie is the lead author of The HCAHPS Imperative for Creating Patient-Centered Excellence and is currently writing her second book about the importance of speaking the patient’s language. She is frequently quoted and has been published in the Huffington Post, Healthcare Financial Management Magazine and Hospitals and Health Networks. She is an energetic, internationally-recognized speaker and has presented for many highly-respected organizations, including American College of Healthcare Executives, Beryl Institute, Cleveland Clinic’s Empathy Summit, Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development, and Healthcare Financial Management Association.

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