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About the Healthcare Experience Foundation

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Our Mission

Impacting healthcare teams to improve healthcare outcomes.

Transforming the healthcare experience so that every person can receive and deliver the best care isn’t just a bold mission, it’s an imperative.

We know that success reaches beyond simply improving HCAHPS scores and pay for performance measures. Real success and transformation occurs when we improve the lives and livelihoods of those receiving and those delivering care.

The Healthcare Experience Foundation

The Healthcare Experience Foundation was founded to serve one purpose: to bring together the industry’s best minds—thought leaders, change agents and providers—to share their knowledge, expertise and experiences with healthcare organizations, leaders and teams endeavoring to transform their healthcare delivery and dramatically improve healthcare outcomes. 

Members of our team are senior leaders, seasoned executives and well-respected healthcare professionals. They’ve held positions from directors, to VPs, to the C-suite. Independently, they’ve built successful careers in healthcare spanning decades. Collectively, we’re on a mission to put our experience and expertise to work for other healthcare leaders driven to transform their teams, their organizations, and their industry. In 2017, we came together to form the Healthcare Experience Foundation to help administrators, doctors, nurses and staff impact their healthcare teams and improve their healthcare outcomes.

Our Philosophy & Approach

Make no mistake, healthcare is in a state of chronic crisis. But we also know that despite the rapid changes and fluctuations in the healthcare landscape, many organizations already have extraordinary teams making extraordinary impact. 

Our approach builds on the solid foundations of strength that exist within organizations. We work to help teams break down silos, bolster resiliency, encourage new ways of thinking, embrace positive change, and empower both the patient and the provider to be heroes in their care. Your teams are already making a difference. We help them find new, engaging ways to put their passion and purpose to work. When strong teams come together to create positive patient experiences, we’re not just building better systems of care, we’re transforming healthcare for everyone. 

The Healthcare Experience Advantage

We aren’t your normal healthcare services or consulting firm. We don’t provide our clients cookie-cutter solutions or answers. What we do offer is years of practical, real life experience that can help you and your teams adapt to any uncertainty. This level and depth of experience and agility can’t be learned through text books alone. Our team is composed of respected and esteemed senior executives and leaders from all corners of healthcare: administrators, physicians and clinicians, nurses, and medical support staff. These are experts that have been on the front lines, on the ground, and in the hot seat navigating, innovating and pivoting through the same or similar challenges leaders in healthcare face everyday. We know healthcare, because we’ve been there. 

At the heart, we serve people. More specifically, the people who serve people. We understand that compassionate care runs across a spectrum that involves the collective passions of individuals from across all corners of the healthcare continuum—from administrators, to physicians, to nursing staff. Our work spans across departments, titles, and floors to impact all those impacting the lives of others: whether it's a direct-report, a peer, or a patient. 

 We don’t just show people how it's done, we roll up our sleeves and get to work.  


How are we different?

National-Level Expertise

Our nationally-recognized experts have been working in healthcare for over 20 years managing organizations and leading teams big and small. Together, they bring uncommon perspective, and unprecedented passion.

Unique Approaches

Every challenge is unique, and every solution different. We deliver customized solutions that encourage hands-on, engaging learning and change. Our team is agile and able to adapt and pivot to any situation or need. 

Research-Driven, Results-Focused

What gets measured, gets weighed. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Our work is informed by best practices and research insights that deliver value and create measurable and impactful results. 

Our Knowledgeable Team

Experience—The Difference.

Sure, there are big, multinational management consulting and coaching firms that have worked with big brand names. And then there’s us: agile, nimble, and 100% passionately focused on helping organizations and leaders dramatically improve the experience of their healthcare delivery.

We’re more than passionate, we’re compelled to answer our calling to transform the healthcare experience. We aren’t just reading the books, we’re writing them. We aren’t just talking about change, we’re nationally-recognized keynote speakers elevating the discussion to the international stage. We’ve partnered with some of the biggest—and smallest—healthcare systems in the country as collaborators and advocates for improving the healthcare experience for all. When clients put their confidence behind our nimble, agile and experienced team, they’re putting their trust in experts who go above and beyond the call.

Katie Owens
Al Stubblefield
Barry Fleming
Brooke Billingsley
Coleen Santa Ana
Rob Minkes
George Mayzell
Robert Eisinger
Kathleen Lynam
Matthew Whitaker
Amy Steinbinder
Deborah Zastocki
Deanna Frings
Brenda Ayers
Trevor Turner
Jeffrey Sackrison
Audrey McDonald
Michelle Collis
Kathy Boswell
Jeff Robbins
Libby Sandberg
Walter Lowe
Casey Callanan
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