Shifting Perspective: Uncovering Patient, Employee, and Physician Experience Blind Spots

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Today’s Healthcare Experience Matters discussion centers around uncovering blind spots in the patient, employee, and physician experience. We are joined by Brooke Billingsley for this memorable episode of our weekly podcast. 

Brooke has spent the last 25 years of her career in healthcare. She currently serves as Vice President of Service Excellence with the Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF). 

“It’s great to be a part of a great team with the Healthcare Experience Foundation, where we’re actually going on-site and coaching for solutions and really helping people,” she said. 

She is proficient in navigating the patient experience and understands the importance of how patients perceive their care. As you’ll hear on today’s podcast, Brooke has a strong grasp on how healthcare organizations can make sure patients have an excellent experience. 

In her role as V.P. of Service Excellence with HXF, she has guided many organizations toward better patient experience outcomes, while working with medical centers and healthcare institutions of varying sizes and scope.

As you’ll learn by listening to today’s podcast episode, Brooke takes this line of work very seriously as the patient experience is very near and dear to her heart. 

A Very Personal Experience 

Brooke’s journey acquiring this knowledge and insight has been emotional and very personal. Her empathy for the patient experience was developed from both her own life experiences and the robust research she has conducted within the 25 years she’s worked in healthcare.   

“As I delved deeper into this work, it became apparent there were a lot of gaps between what patients wanted and what they were experiencing,” she told us. “I also saw the impact of compassionate care and what a difference it made in every human interaction.”

On this podcast, Brooke shared her thoughts on why moments of human interaction that go beyond “business as usual” with patients are so important. 

“Each small gesture adds up and that human connection is so important in our everyday life,” she said.

Healthcare Ethnography 

Towards the middle of today’s podcast, the discussion with Brooke shifts to ethnography and ethnography case studies. Ethnography is the practice of observing in detail all the things that are happening around a patient.

“Ethnography is a fancy anthropological name. It really just means direct observation of people,” Brooke said.

As Brooke shared with us the importance of ethnography and learning from ethnography care studies, it became clear that this work has deeply influenced her. What she has learned during years of sitting bedside, observing patient care, and patient interactions with staff, has been invaluable in her mission to help others. 

“We can all do better every day with each other,” she said. “We can pause to hold the door open or allow someone to go in front of us in line. Even if we’re masked up, we can smile with our eyes.”

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    Meet Brooke Billingsley

    Brooke has extraordinary insight into how healthcare organizations can ensure that every patient has an exceptional experience. 

    That understanding comes from a unique combination of life experiences and professional work. Her personal medical journey battling cancer, along with decades of in-depth qualitative research with patients at the bedside, have fine-tuned Brooke’s ability to concisely and compellingly synthesize complex information, greatly benefiting our HXF clients.

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