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Solutions for Learning, Education & Continuous Improvement

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Solutions for Learning, Education & Continuous Improvement

You’re looking for ways to help your teams achieve peak performance.

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The Healthcare Experience Foundation helps leaders transform their organizations through education. Through our Institute—a suite of educational service and solutions—we help organizations create capacity for consistency, strengthen their team’s skills and abilities, empower caregivers and administrators to build, boost or sustain confidence, and elevate your team’s expertise to build credibility as healthcare professionals.

We help teams and organizations transform their cultures through proactive, and engaging learning environments from inspirational teachers. Our educational programs bridge the care gap by offering individuals and teams opportunities for skill development, training, and preparation via speaking and lectures, online and in-person workshops, and certification courses.

Our coaches work with teams across all levels of organizations who are grappling with some of the toughest challenges facing their organizations. From improving HCAHPS scores, engaging employees, to elevating brand reputation, and everything in between, we help our clients find solutions that generate more than impactful numbers, they generate impressive results.

Help your teams achieve peak performance with educational programs, training, tools and resources that ensure consistent delivery of care.

Healthcare Experience Institute

We help healthcare teams augment their internal capacity to impact healthcare delivery through engaging in-person or online classes, courses and certifications.


7,500 Leaders

We’ve helped our clients impact a total of 7,500 leaders through programs focused on delivering compassionate care.


300 Organizations

We’ve helped our clients impact a total of 7,500 leaders through programs focused on delivering compassionate care.

Solutions for Learning, Education & Continuous Improvement

Grow Your Team’s Capabilities

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Individuals, teams and entire organizations can gain access to a wealth of practical educational content—a knowledgebase of videos, articles, resources and more—that can propel and sustain a culture of continuous improvement.

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Healthcare Experience Academy

We are here to inspire and activate your organization's most important resource—its people. The training video series and accompanying EBooks have been crafted to help your healthcare team maximize its potential and sustain performance cultures. The Healthcare Experience Academy provides a framework with tools and training that positions your team of leaders, staff, physicians, and providers to deliver consistent and exceptional experiences.

The Healthcare Experience Academy has been designed by clinicians, patient experience industry experts, successful healthcare leaders, and award-winning video producers. These are approaches that are pragmatic and will help you improve immediately. The content, practices and learning strategies are based on the experiences of working with over 300 hospitals, healthcare systems, clinics and long term care organizations presented in a visual style to support all learners.


Ensure consistent and sustainable development, engagement and accountability within your organization through certificate programs that achieve internal mastery of skills, greater adoption of process changes, and efficient deployment of best practices across every department.

Train the Trainer Certificate

The most sustainable path to creating an environment of “every patient, every time” is through consistent development, engagement, and accountability owned from within your organization.

Our curriculum is delivered with identified champions through our “train the trainer” methodology. We train your internal coaches to administer our proven coaching model, and they in turn train your leaders, staff and physicians. This approach ensures internal mastery of skills, greater adoption of process changes, and an efficient way to deploy best practices across every department in a consistent way. Skilled internal champions leverage tactics that sustain change and execute ongoing process evaluation. Upon completion of the Train-the-Trainer program, internal champions are awarded certification and will drive organizational self-sufficiency and sustainable outcomes.

Rounding Certificate

A gap exists between our effort and outcomes. Healthcare leaders continue to be frustrated by effectiveness of rounding (senior leadership, clinician leader, etc.) despite expenditures for training and process improvements. Significant time is spent by leaders on rounding without evidence of clear or sustained outcomes improvements.Our Rounding Certification can help you elevate the effectiveness and consistency of your rounding efforts. By focusing on competency development, we will certify leaders, as well as create an internal group of coaches to sustain performance.

Conversation Curve for Conflict Management Certificate

Our experts will train and certify internal coaches within your organization to cultivate effective conflict management and healthy communication. By adopting our successful tool, the Conversation Curve you will develop your internal bench to support leaders, staff, and physicians with the communication skills and resources to embrace conflict and create healthy resolution.

Live Workshops & Learning Events

Our Workshops are designed to create a learning experience that will jumpstart performance. By identifying strategies to truly engage staff, leaders and physicians our sessions will align key competencies with specific action plans. Our learning events empower your team with strategies to develop effective tactics for your organization to administer excellent patient care.

Speaking Topics

Our coaches are internationally- and nationally-recognized writers and presenters who have shared their expertise and knowledge across various topics for a broad range of healthcare teams. Our speakers are available to talk on any of the following topics, but are also able to create specialized educational content for topics important to your organization and teams.

  • “What Is Your Patient Experience Superpower?”
  • “Supercharging Resilience: Why We Need It And How To Build It”
  • “Compassionate Communication: The Art And Science”
  • “Confidence In The Engagement Of Your Patients”
  • “Shaping Confidence In The Healthcare Experience”

  • “Perspective is Everything: The Keys to Elevating Workforce Engagement”
  • “Psychological Safety: The New Crucial Element For Success”
  • “Creating And Influencing Accountability: What’s Your Role?”
  • “Mastering Difficult Conversations When Stakes Are High”
  • or customized educational content important to your organization.

Overcoming Burnout and Supercharging Resiliency

During this unprecedented time of coronavirus, teams are working at and beyond their limits. Our coaches have developed a customized package of topics centered on resiliency to help teams manage the triggers and stressors that drive burnout. This series helps support participants in building personal and team resilience, equipping them to support their peers and build teamwork in times of crisis or uncertainty.

JumpStart Intensives

We offer three jumpstart intensives to quickly activate organizational energy and momentum, while building evidence base skills: Patient Experience, Workforce Engagement, Healthy Teaming. Our jumpstarts begin with a rapid assessment, followed by leadership development events, and remote coaching to ensure ongoing mastery/sustainability.

Emotional Intelligence

Our Emotional Intelligence learning events focus on development of personal and social competence at four levels: Self Awareness, Self Regulation, Social Awareness, and Building Relationships. These techniques build successful interactions amongst colleagues, teams, and patient and family interactions.

Compassion Tribe Premium

Our newest offering, Compassion Tribe Premium, delivers a complete package that includes live workshops with a library of educational content and resources. Compassion Tribe Premium targets support for coping, resiliency, leading through change and patient-centeredness for specific team and organizational needs weekly training meetings and virtual coaching sessions that empower teams and departments.

Team Coaching & Training

Learn through real-time webinars, workshops and coaching sessions that engage employees in embracing their team’s strengths and innovating new solutions. Our coaching and training dives into the attributes of high performing teams, overcoming team challenges, and projecting team confidence.

Team Building

Our development will focus on the dynamics of high performing teams and matching individual attributes to engagement. We will deploy the StrengthScopeTM Assessment, as well as employ strategies for teamwork and enhanced interprofessional collaboration.

Faculty and Residency Programs

Enrich your Graduate Medical Education curriculum with learning resources and improvement strategies to build resilience, expand emotional intelligence, amplify compassion, patient-centered communication, and engage healthy teams.

Service Teams

Engaging High Performing Leaders, Staff and Physicians can create powerful momentum to support organizational performance. Unfortunately, too often service teams struggle with lack of direction, unclear expectations, having the right players and/or accountability to influence change. Our team will quickly diagnose gaps in your service teams and work to supercharge their performance to impact organizational goals.

Senior Team Development

We will work with your senior team to amplify teamwork, communication, accountability, and organizational visibility that creates workforce engagement, productivity, and a stronger culture.

CompassionTribe Team Coaching

CompassionTribe Premium targets support for coping, resiliency, leading through change and patient-centeredness for specific team needs going through significant change or stress.

Custom Educational Packages

Our expert coaches can help leaders and organizations develop curated educational resources and content specific to their teams. We offer packages that include creating customized content, or curating existing content into packaged categories based on themes. For leaders looking for more engaging platforms, we have recently launched Compassion Tribe Premium, a education program that includes a library of education content with weekly workshops and training sessions.

Custom Educational Content

Create custom-curated educational content for your organization or departments with complete learning bundles to support competency development and sustainability.

Compassion Tribe Premium

Create a personalized and custom engagement for your organization or departments via the Compassion Tribe Premium Program. Compassion Tribe Premium targets support for coping, resiliency, leading through change and patient-centeredness for specific team and organizational needs weekly training meetings and virtual coaching sessions that empower teams and departments.

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