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Why Compassion is Needed Now with Kathleen Lynam, RN, MPA

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The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines compassion as “a sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it." In other words, compassion is about recognizing that someone is suffering and trying to help them.

We all have our own definition of compassion and we all know what it means to us as individuals, but it is abundantly clear based on our chat with today’s podcast guest: compassion is needed now. Compassion is especially important to those that work in healthcare. 

In this week’s newest episode of the Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast, Kathleen Lynam, RN, MPA, joins us to chat all things compassion. In addition to covering why compassion is needed now, she also outlines for us the following: 

  • The impact of compassion on the human body
  • The different roles of compassion and empathy
  • How to recognize the effect pain and suffering can have on us
  • The definition of Compassionate Leadership
  • Kathleen is an Executive Coach and Senior Advisor with the Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF). She brings decades of nursing leadership experience to the conversation. As we learn on this podcast, compassionate actions help us feel better, because as Kathleen explains it in today’s show, “it feels good to be good.”

    Wonder why compassion and empathy are needed so desperately right now in the world of patient care? We know the following to be true: 

  • Greater than 50% of Americans do not find the healthcare system compassionate
  • Physicians routinely miss opportunities to respond with compassion
  • When providers have compassion for a patient they are likely to be meticulous about their care, have higher quality standards, and are less likely to make a major medical error
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  • Certificate in Foundations of Compassionate Leadership

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    This program is offered by the Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF) and Maryland Healthcare Education Institute (MHEI), and you can get more information on this event here.

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