Supporting Team Members in Unprecedented Times: A Candid Chat with Dr. Rachel Lipner and Meredith Jones

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Loyal listeners of Healthcare Experience Matters – the official podcast of the Healthcare Experience Foundation – are in for another treat with today’s episode. We are joined by Dr. Rachel Lipner and Meredith Jones for a discussion about the many ways we can support each other in these stressful times. 

Dr. Lipner serves as Medical Director of Inpatient Medicine with Transitions LifeCare in Raleigh, NC. She is a hospice and palliative medicine physician. Meredith Jones is the Director of Family Support Services with Transitions LifeCare. 

Both guests bring a unique perspective discussing the different ways they have supported their colleagues during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to, “Transitions LifeCare provides physical, emotional and spiritual care to those living with an advanced illness, their caregivers, and those who have lost a loved one.” 

Dr. Lipner and Meredith provide unique insight into what it is like working in an environment that provides comfort and care to patients in their final stages of life. They reflect on the different ways the pandemic has challenged this important work.

The philosophy of Transitions LifeCare is powerful and simple: Every individual deserves the quality of life he or she wants when facing a serious illness or near life’s end.

Coping with Unprecedented Times

“I think what’s happened during the pandemic is the layers of losses just really continue to stack up and we have people navigating not just the personal experiences in their work environment, but also what may be happening in their home environment,” Meredith told us. 

As you’ll hear in today’s podcast, this is an emotionally uplifting discussion about the beauty of working in end-of-life care. It is a chat that is sure to inspire. Both guests deliver strong, practical advice that healthcare workers in all types of different positions and levels can implement. 

“In hospice and palliative medicine, we’re very big on supporting each other and supporting our colleagues because our work is so driven by tough discussions and end-of-life situations on a daily basis,” Dr. Lipner said.

Work-Life Balance

Working hard to maintain a work-life balance is a theme of this podcast and today’s episode offers strong insight on this vitally important subject. 

The advice from our guests could be crucial for many people to hear, and not just those working in healthcare. Afterall, everyone has had days where they have tried to do too much and felt overwhelmed by their mounting list of tasks.  

“There will always be work for the next day, but that’s okay,” Dr. Lipner said. “When it’s time to be done for the day, we stop, and we get home to our lives outside the hospital.”

Another key aspect of supporting each other during these difficult times has been practicing mindfulness. According to Meredith, reminding each other of the importance of “being in the moment” has been very helpful. 

“We have encouraged our team members to really try to stay in the moment and try not to think too far ahead of the situation that they find themselves in,” Meredith said. 

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