Healing Patients Better by Listening to Uncover Their Deepest Needs

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What’s often left unspoken can assist us in better healing patients and being there for them in their times of deepest distress. Delving into this mystery often necessitates a profound form of listening, which can be the key to unlocking the root of that distress.

We are excited to be joined by Dr. Joshua Schwarzbaum as our guest once again this week on the Healthcare Experience Matters podcast. As a longtime emergency room physician in New York City, Dr. Schwarzbaum joins our show to talk about listening to patients to find the true feelings that underscore their words.

A lot of today’s interview references the recent storybook Dr. Schwarzbaum has authored entitled, Listening For A Feeling Finds True Healing: A Guide To Healing From The Inside Out.

You can learn more about that book here.

Dr. Joshua Schwarzbaum is a board-certified emergency medicine physician at SBH Health System in the Bronx. He often joins our podcast to discuss the different ways healthcare providers can tackle communication challenges in today’s modern medical environments.  

His emphasis on listening and finding the humanity in even the most distraught people in the hospital remains an overall theme of his storytelling within our ongoing podcast series here at the Healthcare Experience Foundation.

As a staple and trusted voice on our podcast, we welcome him back with open arms for this interview. Learn more about his HX Matters interviews:

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Dr. Schwarzbaum is also the founder of Healthy Inside, a website that aims to help individuals find wellness and positivity in the face of life’s challenges. You can learn more about the website here:

Listening to Patients, True Emotions

Listening to patients to detect the true emotions underlying their words served as the inspiration behind his book. The desire came from him wanting to teach essential listening skills, especially in the medical field. He highlighted the deeper connection achieved by being fully present and attuned to others, rather than merely analyzing their words.

The conversation delved into strategies for cultivating a clear and quiet mind to facilitate genuine listening, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and redirecting intrusive thoughts. Dr. Schwarzbaum stressed the significance of tapping into intuition and universal connection to discern underlying emotions accurately.

Life in the E.R.

Reflecting on his experiences in the emergency room, Dr. Schwarzbaum discussed the transformative power of quieting the mind and embracing a non-judgmental presence in patient interactions. He underscored the role of active listening in uncovering patients’ true needs and facilitating healing.

In his final thoughts, Dr. Schwarzbaum emphasized the universal applicability of effective listening and its profound impact on fostering understanding and connection in all relationships. He emphasized the simplicity and accessibility of listening as a transformative tool for personal and professional growth.

Throughout the episode, Dr. Schwarzbaum’s insights underscored the profound impact of genuine listening in healthcare and beyond, offering valuable guidance for listeners seeking to deepen their connections and facilitate healing through attentive presence.

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