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What Music Therapy Can Teach Us with Jenna Bollard-Marcovitz, MA, MT-BC, CCLS

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This week we learn what the field of music therapy can teach us about mindfulness, fighting burnout, and its impact on patient experiences. Our guest is Jenna Bollard-Marcovitz, MA, MT-BC, CCLS. 

She brings us a powerful interview on the role of music therapy in today’s healthcare environment. As we learn through today’s conversation, Jenna holds certifications in the following: 

  • Child Life Specialist
  • Board-Certified Music Therapist 
  • Reiki Master 
  • She has additional professional training in Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth, NICU Music Therapy, Neurologic Music Therapy, and Mindfulness Meditation.

    Currently practicing in Southern California, Jenna holds a Bachelor's degree in Music Therapy from Berklee College of Music in Boston, and earned her Master's degree in Music Therapy from New York University (NYU). 

    She played a major role in launching the music therapy program at UCLA’s Mattel Children's Hospital in Los Angeles. 

    “I was at UCLA For about six years, and I would say we made a pretty big wave and we saw almost 10,000 patients. We had 13 music therapy interns through university affiliation that did their six-month training before becoming board-certified music therapists,” she said. 

    As we learn on today’s interview, there are many lessons we can take from the world of music therapy that we can apply to our everyday work environments. Many principles of music therapy can help us overcome some of the challenges of our homelife, and music can serve as a motivator for us to take action and live a more purposeful day.

    “I'm really fascinated in how music can just melt a lot of those stressors away in just a matter of moments. It's really profound,” Jenna told us.

    It is safe to say we've come a long way in the training of music therapists, but as we learn on today’s show -- like any caregiving profession -- there’s more to learn about the impact of being exposed to trauma all day. 

    “It can really collect itself in the body. It can manifest itself in the psyche and it can present itself by just creating fatigue in the body,” Jenna said.

    We encourage our listeners to visit the American Music Therapy Association to learn more. 

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    More Background on Today’s Podcast

    Loyal listeners of the Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast might remember that when we interviewed Timothy Seay-Morrison, EdD, LCSW, back in June 2022, he mentioned his career journey had involved spending time as a music therapist.

    Our Podcast Director here at the Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF), Casey Callanan, expressed interested in learning more about music therapy after that conversation. He reached out to Dr. Seay-Morrison for more information on this field. As a friend of the podcast, Dr. Seay-Morrison put us in touch with Jenna and we are grateful for her energy, enthusiasm, and passion in this field.

    You can learn more about Jenna – and contact her – through her website.

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