Brooke Billingsley

Vice President of Service Excellence
Brooke has extraordinary insight into how healthcare organizations can ensure that every patient has an exceptional experience. That understanding comes from a unique combination of life experiences and professional work. Her personal medical journey battling cancer, along with decades of in-depth qualitative research with patients at the bedside, have fine-tuned Brooke’s ability to concisely and compellingly synthesize complex information, greatly benefiting our clients.

“My passion is to help others see the patient’s experience through their eyes. Combining my work in patient perception for the past 21 years, training and observing clinicians and then becoming a patient myself, I offer the unique perspective of seeing the patient experience from all angles. Taking care of patients and their families during the most difficult times of their lives is exceedingly important work, and I am grateful to the many caregivers that I’ve coached and supported, as well as to the countless ones I continue to learn from.”

Creating innovative approaches to improve the patient, employee, and physician experience has been the foundation of Brooke’s work for more than 20 years. She has coached and guided more than one hundred organizations toward better patient experience outcomes, from large academic medical centers and health systems to smaller hospitals and physician clinics.