Barry Fleming

Vice President, Marketing and Business Development
Barry’s solutions-focused approach is just one attribute that clients value about him. He is a master at assisting and helping clients pinpoint their priorities, identify challenges, and uncover opportunities. His extensive background in helping healthcare leaders—both clinical and administrative—discover transformative remedies makes him the perfect measurement expert for organizations seeking ways to maximize high performing teams and service excellence delivery. Barry’s many years of work at the intersection of patient, employee, and physician experiences as a national director and strategist has prepared him to utilize his knowledge of the industry, including trends and outcomes, to the advantage of Healthcare Experience Foundation’s clients.

A highly-respected and recognized leader in healthcare measurement and improvement, Barry has earned his reputation by consistently delivering on strategic analyses, technical expertise and service excellence. With 27 years’ overall experience, 18 in healthcare, and a background in computer science, he knows the intricacies required to build and sustain excellence. His ability to capture both the big picture and the details enable his unique skill in telling the story of the healthcare experience in a meaningful and authentic way.

The hallmark of Barry’s work is integrity; his goal in life and in business is to educate people and organizations to provide an excellent experience so that others benefit. As he has been known to say, “It’s amazing what happens when we put the consideration of others before ourselves; the benefits we receive come back two-fold!”