Walter Lowe

Director of Video Learning
Visual storytelling is not just a profession for Walter Lowe, it is a calling. 

He has devoted the past 20 years to leading a thriving film & video production agency that communicates big ideas and connects people to each other and the world around them through visual media. As the Director of Video Learning for the Healthcare Experience Academy (a collaboration between Healthcare Experience Academy and Blackburst Entertainment), he brings extensive experience implementing visual communications concepts to create virtual learning experiences that resonate with healthcare leaders, staff, and physicians.

His extensive experiences cross industries and sectors from healthcare to network news, and Super Bowl commercials to documentary films in the rainforests Central America. 

“I’m passionate about the Healthcare Experience Academy because it allows me to harness my experience with video learning to develop practical and accessible education products, that will drive real-world results in the lives of patients.” 

Lowe serves as the President of Blackburst Entertainment in Orlando, Florida.