Deanna Frings

Executive Coach
Deanna is a recognized expert in designing and creating effective educational and experiential learning programs that elevate and enhance the experience, engagement, and expectations within healthcare. As the Founder and CEO of IEG Experiences, her mission is to Inspire, Engage and support the ongoing Growth of healthcare professionals, leaders, and physicians in their desire to reach their full potential.

At the center of an enormously complex industry, with multiple operational and relational challenges, Deanna believes in a simple truth – that to improve the patient experience, we must touch the hearts of care givers and connect in ways that bring into awareness the meaningfulness in what they do, together with the unique personal strengths they bring into the care of those they serve.

Deanna’s extensive experience as a senior strategist for improving the human experience brings a qualified expertise to the design and development of supportive, leadership development resources. With a passion and dedication to a strengths-based, coaching approach, Deanna has designed experiential learning programs to equip and empower leaders to lead through their heart –comfortably, confidently, and competently – to achieve new levels of individual and organizational performance.

Her love for lifelong learning, coupled with a diverse background across healthcare clinical, operational and leadership positions; including respiratory therapy, patient experience, strategic planning, organizational development, learning strategy and solution deployment, has helped to foster and promote a realistic methodology to individual and organizational change. Deanna holds a Master of Arts in education and instructional design.
Deanna lives in Wisconsin and enjoys cookie decorating, cycling, and most anything outdoors with her husband, Jeff.