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Influencing Compassion in our Organizations as Healthcare Leaders

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Mark S. Rulle, EdD, leads our discussion this week on the Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast. This is a chat about influencing compassion in our organizations as healthcare leaders.

Mark currently serves as President of Maryland Healthcare Education Institute (MHEI). For those that may be new to our podcast, the Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF) and MHEI have been teaming up to present the Certificate in Foundations of Compassionate Leadership virtual cohort sessions over the past year.

This podcast is an inspiring clip from a session Mark presented at a past event. It has been edited and shortened for a friendly podcast listening experience.

“We don’t control our organizations, we only have some influence, but compassionate leadership isn’t necessarily about the organization, it’s about you and what you do on a regular basis,” Mark said.

The Compassionate Leadership Certificate are virtual cohort sessions designed for leaders who understand the best way to pivot forward is by nurturing and cultivating a climate of engagement.

Compassionate leaders create stronger connections between people. They have greater collaboration, higher levels of trust, and enhanced loyalty. These sessions serve to help our participants:

  • Amplify Compassionate Practice
  • Strengthen Leadership Compassion

“Compassionate leadership happens the minute you start to do something compassionate,” he said.

It’s never too early to start thinking about joining our next event! The Compassionate Leader Certificate continues October 27 & 28, 2022 from 9am-1pm EST. Make plans to join this event and learn more here.

In our view, it has never been a more critical time to consider becoming a compassionate leader. COVID-19 and its ensuing domino effect have profoundly transformed the day-to-day environment in healthcare organizations.

Leaders, staff, and physicians have been placed in unprecedented situations. This demands a renewed focus on engagement, culture, and wellness. You do not have to look far to see signs of compassion fatigue, disengagement, low morale, and even burnout among the caregivers we count on to deliver excellent care across the continuum.

In healthcare we strive to be consistently compassionate; however, sometimes our intention is not perceived the same way. We know many of us are still falling short and we can all strive to do better.

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About Today’s Guest

As described on the MHEI website, “Mark S. Rulle, EdD, has worked in the healthcare industry since 1980 developing leaders and improving organizations. His doctoral research focused on employee empowerment and Mark has spent his career assisting others in becoming better at engaging others, being accountable and holding others to that same standard, and achieving results.  In his role as President of MHEI, Mark is committed to assisting others in achieving their goals.”

About MHEI

According to their website, “MHEI has been providing leadership and quality programs to health care providers for more than 50 years working alongside members through the constantly changing healthcare landscape.”

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Meet Mark Rulle, EdD MHEI