HCAHPS Experience Guide

Product Overview

In our work, we have the opportunity to work with extraordinary leaders, staff, and physicians who care deeply about cultures that strive to create environments where patients can expect excellent experiences always. The contents of this book are a reflection of our teams work over 10 years and 400 health systems to drive significant improvement and elevated HCAHPS scores.

At it’s heart, improving HCAHPS is about dialogue. This book is designed to be an action-oriented resource for leaders who are compelled to create meaningful and lasting improvements in patient’s perceptions of care. Whether you are a large for-profit entity, a medium-sized system or a community-based rural hospital, we expect you will benefit from the direct advice and engagement tools in the HCAHPS Experience Guide.

Our goal was to create a facilitated guide to having conversations within organizations that lead to the behavior changes and evolutions that create “Always” Experiences. If you are looking to improve HCAHPS, market share, or achieve patient loyalty, we want to equip you with strategies for patient experience success.


HCAHPS Experience Guide


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The goal of this guidebook is to equip your patient experience improvement efforts and create lasting results. With that in mind, the purpose of the HCAHPS Experience Guide is to jumpstart your patient experience (PX) efforts.