Burnout & Resilience

How Physicians Can Mitigate Burnout by Maintaining a Positive Practice Culture

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Our guest this week on Healthcare Experience Matters is Natasha Beauvais, MD, MPH. Dr. Beauvais joins us for a discussion about reducing burnout in healthcare through maintaining a positive practice culture. 

She is a board-certified family medicine physician with Northern Virginia Family Practice. 

Burnout and culture are two cornerstone topics of conversation on our podcast. Today’s chat with Dr. Beauvais brings another fresh perspective on these pressing subjects. 

This discussion starts off with Dr. Beauvais discussing her time in residency and the birth of her first child. The support from her partner was huge, and she acknowledges how lucky she was to have that support. 

“In healthcare we have a culture of it being normal to be running as fast as we can. It’s not really healthy for patients, nurses working extra shifts, and the physicians working nights and weekends to finish their charts… and that’s almost everyone in healthcare,” she said. 

As Dr. Beauvais also told us on today’s episode, we could spend our entire lives working on mitigating burnout and improving culture as healthcare providers. 

“The normalcy of overwork in healthcare is a constant aspect in our culture,” she said.

Building a culture that we are always working to improve is simply a great way to engage patients, staff, and ultimately mitigate burnout. 

“The best healthcare starts with an environment that can be really caring within the work environment first,” she told us.

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About Dr. Beauvais

According to Northern Virginia Family Practice’s official website, “Dr. Beauvais specializes in prevention and provides a personal connection to healthy minds and bodies. She treats singles and partners, families and grandparents, working to help people to live longer and to feel more alive and healthy in the process.”

“As a Board-Certified Family Physician, Dr. Beauvais works to help prevent cancer, heart disease, and immobility.”

Awards & Recognitions:

  • Best Doctor Award, Northern Virginia Magazine, 2021
  • Top Doctor Award, Arlington Magazine, 2021
  • Washingtonian Top Doc, 2020 and 2021
  • American Medical Women’s Association, co-founder of Women’s Mentoring Program
  • Joseph Collins Award for Excellence in Arts and Letters
  • University of Connecticut Family Medicine Award
  • Educational Background & Training:

  • Bachelor of Arts in American studies and science from Yale University
  • Doctor of Medicine and Master of Public Health from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine
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    Meet Natasha Beauvais, MD, MPH