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“Never Stop Gratitude” with Author TJ Sweet

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Author TJ Sweet joins the Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast this week to discuss his book, “Practice Gratitude: Find Joy.” He brings us inspiring and practical ideas for how we can better implement gratitude in our daily lives. 

No matter what path your career journey has taken you on, there are sure to be several useful takeaways for building gratitude in this podcast. 

TJ is an accomplished keynote speaker, writer, and certified life and business coach. In addition to being an author, he is a podcaster, YouTuber, and an all-around media enthusiast. 

“I want to discuss how to do gratitude in a meaningful way so that it helps us to start living with more intention,” TJ said.

It is fair to say that TJ has passion for teaching others and spreading messages of gratitude. TJ is also a big advocate for taking a pause to reflect on moments of gratitude in real time. In many respects, today’s episode has many important mindfulness reminders in addition to its gratitude ideas. 

“I’m really passionate about gratitude, and how the transformative nature of gratitude has a way of taking over,” he said. “It really is the most human emotion that we have.”

Around four minutes into today’s discussion with TJ, we learn about what he refers to as the “Moment of Pause.”

Life can move fast and many of us often forget about the power of the pause. Part of the reason TJ wanted to write his book was to encourage readers to remember the importance of pausing and trying to insert gratitude more consciously in our lives.

“We’re always on the go, we’re either thinking about the past or future and we often forget about the power of a pause,” he said.

As TJ reminds us on today’s episode, gratitude is powerful, but it is not a cure for burnout. Around eleven minutes into today’s discussion, TJ shares his thoughts on how gratitude can assist folks dealing with burnout. 

TJ is also an advocate of what he describes as “work-life integration.” This is a strong way for us to find purpose and fight burnout. He discusses this idea towards the middle of today’s episode.

“Burnout is often a result of not feeling certain about where we are,” he said. “Gratitude helps us understand what we have now.”

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When it comes to sharing wisdom on gratitude, TJ is all about engaging his audience on many different platforms to spread his messages of positivity and grace. You can follow TJ on the following platforms:

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  • To learn more about his book, you can visit TJ’s website and Amazon to check it out. If you would like to get in touch with him, please send him an email at:

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