The Keys to a More Inclusive Healthcare System

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Vanessa Guzman brings us the keys to building a more inclusive healthcare system in this week’s heartwarming edition of the Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast.

In addition to her role as a passionate advocate for health equity, Vanessa is Chief Executive Officer at SmartRise Health and Ella Es Health. She is also a strategy and empowerment coach.

With themes of gratitude, the power of finding the right mentor, and many other compelling elements, Vanessa also discusses her inspiring path towards earning her position as CEO in this discussion.

This is her first time joining our weekly podcast presented by the Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF) and we hope to have her join us again. This conversation dovetails nicely into our upcoming Health Equity & The Patient Experience, Virtual Certificate Program.

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Building a More Inclusive Healthcare System

Vanessa, a biomedical engineer by training, shares her experiences growing up with Dominican parents and being on Medicaid until the age of 20.

She emphasizes the profound impact of socioeconomic status on health, highlighting issues such as limited access to transportation, healthy food, and low literacy, all of which contribute to how individuals prioritize and navigate their healthcare challenges.

The podcast explores practical steps to address these gaps, involving collaboration among health plans, providers, community-based organizations, and consumers of healthcare services themselves.

Vanessa emphasizes the need for clear communication, streamlined services, and understanding the unique needs of each community. She advocates for screenings to identify gaps and barriers to care, especially in areas such as food access, transportation, and housing.

Education emerges as a powerful factor in health outcomes, with Vanessa discussing the generational impact of higher education on health literacy. The conversation touches on the importance of creating structures that advocate for education, especially in communities of color, and investing in infrastructure that prioritizes education as a fundamental component of well-being.

As the discussion progresses, Vanessa provides valuable insights for leaders in healthcare, urging them to allocate resources effectively and involve the community’s voice in health equity initiatives.

She underscores the significance of sustained efforts beyond pilot programs, emphasizing the need for evaluation and community integration.

The podcast concludes with Vanessa sharing her story and expressing gratitude for the mentors who trusted and believed in her. She encourages listeners to believe in others, emphasizing the transformative power of trust and gratitude in personal and professional growth.

We hope Vanessa’s interview serves as a beacon of wisdom and guidance, offering tangible steps towards achieving health equity and creating a more inclusive healthcare system for all.

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Meet Vanessa Guzman

Vanessa is Chief Executive Officer at SmartRise Health and Ella Es Health. She is also a Strategy and Empowerment Coach.

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