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Practicing Gratitude for Effective Healthcare Leadership

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A simple thanks can go a long way.

At the Healthcare Experience Foundation, we firmly believe that an incredible portion of effective healthcare leadership, and excellent patient experiences, starts with a simple premise: thankfulness.

To get you in the Thanksgiving spirit, we encourage you to check out inspiring snippets from recent podcast interviews featuring speakers and presenters who are thought leaders in gratitude.

Like what you hear? Be sure to tune into the full broadcasts of the following podcast interviews featured in today’s “Best of the Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast” episode:

Never Stop Gratitude

Author TJ Sweet joins the Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast this week to discuss his book, “Practice Gratitude: Find Joy.” He brings us inspiring and practical ideas for how we can better implement gratitude in our daily lives. 

No matter what path your career journey has taken you on, there are sure to be several useful takeaways for building gratitude in this podcast. 

TJ is an accomplished keynote speaker, writer, and certified life and business coach. In addition to being an author, he is a podcaster, YouTuber, and an all-around media enthusiast. 

“I want to discuss how to do gratitude in a meaningful way so that it helps us to start living with more intention,” TJ said.

It is fair to say that TJ has passion for teaching others and spreading messages of gratitude. TJ is also a big advocate for taking a pause to reflect on moments of gratitude in real time. In many respects, today’s episode has many important mindfulness reminders in addition to its gratitude ideas. 

Simple Ways to Authentically Show Gratitude as Healthcare Leaders

Win Howard is once again our guest on Healthcare Experience Matters. Win joins our podcast to discuss a topic that is near and dear to his heart—gratitude. Today’s discussion focuses on the implementation of gratitude in straightforward and unique ways to make a genuine impact on people. 

There are takeaways from the discussion that are helpful to those in healthcare leadership positions, but the basic principles of this discussion are applicable to folks in any walk of life.

As loyal listeners of this podcast can attest, Win is a devoted and passionate healthcare leader. He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Asante Three Rivers Medical Center. Located in the rural setting of Grants Pass, Oregon, Asante Three Rivers Medical Center is a 120-bed facility with about 1200 employees. It is a 5-star CMS hospital.

The impact of employee culture and its influence on both the patient experience and safety was the focus of our first chat with Win. This interview took place in December 2021 and you can listen to it here.

The Importance of Gratitude with Katrina Coleman, BSN, MSN

Katrina Coleman, BSN, MSN, joins our podcast for a chat about the many benefits of saying thanks and being grateful. Katrina is a Leadership and Engagement Strategist with Maryland Healthcare Education Institute (MHEI) in Elkridge, Md. 

Katrina discussed how showing gratitude can increase our overall optimism towards our careers and lives. Simply put, being grateful tends to increase happiness.

Katrina helps us define gratitude as the ability to recognize the blessings in our life.

“Gratitude is the act of feeling and communicating appreciation for people, for circumstances, for material possessions in our lives and it allows us to cherish our present in ways that make us feel in abundance rather than deprived,” she told us.

After listening to today’s podcast, it should be clear to you why gratitude is highly contagious.

“When you’re grateful you tend to exude and share that positive energy,” she said. “People are drawn to smart, talented, and pleasant people to be around.”

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