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Believe in the Journey of Your Dreams and Find Your Purpose with Lara Burnside

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We are very excited to welcome Lara Burnside back to the Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast this week. She joins us for an inspiring discussion about dreams, finding your purpose, and the art of building towards major changes in your life. 

Lara is a two-time guest here on the podcast, and today’s discussion centers around takeaways from her 2014 book, called, Believe in the Journey of Your Dreams: Simple Steps to Create the Life You Imagine.

In addition to being an accomplished author, Lara has been a healthcare professional for more than two decades with experience in all levels of hospital leadership.

Lara has robust experience delivering great patient experiences and moving company culture forward. She most recently served as Senior Vice President, Chief Experience Officer, with JPS Health Network in Texas.

As mentioned in today’s recording, Lara became inspired in writing this book to assist other people who may be struggling to achieve their dreams and/or enjoy their life. 

“It’s really realizing that life is a journey and not everybody’s journey is the same. And so our challenge is, and our trick really is, to always find joy in that journey,” she said. 

Believe in the Journey of Your Dreams is full of encouraging stories of real people trying to to make the world a better place while following a dream. The book provides simple steps at the end of each chapter that can help the reader create a major change in their own life. 

“Our minds are very powerful, and we can choose to focus on the negative aspects of that and what we don’t like about life, or we can choose to focus on the positive side of it,” she told us.


Looking for the timestamps of how this podcast breaks down?  Use the timestamps below to jump to any section (time stamps are based on the above YouTube version of this interview):

•    Tell us about you. [1:05]

•    Tell us about your book and why you wanted to write it. [2:25]

•    When did you become passionate about this subject matter? [5:45]

•    Do you have any anecdotes or inspirational stories to share with us? [7:05] 

•    How important is it to remember that life is not about the struggle; it’s about the journey? [8:36]

•    How hard was it to write a book? What would you tell someone who wants to do it? [11:00]

•    Any final thoughts? [13:04]

More About the Book

If you would like information on getting a signed copy of the book, please contact Lara via email:  

You can also find the book on Amazon.

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