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What it Takes to Build a Top Ten Most-trusted Healthcare Brand

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What goes into building one of the most-trusted healthcare brands? It’s the people. 

On today’s episode of the Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast we chat with someone who knows what it takes to build an extremely trusted healthcare brand. Timothy Seay-Morrison, EdD, LCSW, joins us to discuss his passion for advancing the patient experience and how it all factors in to building a trusted healthcare brand.

Dr. Seay-Morrison is Executive Director of Ambulatory Care and Service Lines with Stanford Health Care in Palo Alto, California.

In a report released last year from Monigle, the AHA (American Hospital Association), and SHSMD (Society for Health Care Strategy and Market Development), Stanford Health Care ranked in the top ten of the most-trusted health care brands. 

We catch up with Dr. Seay-Morrison on today’s show to learn more about his role as Executive Director of Ambulatory Care and Service Lines and how the tireless commitment to improving the patient experience helped Stanford Health Care achieve this honor. 

Dr. Seay-Morrison has a background as a social worker, and he has held a variety of positions in healthcare. His career journey also includes time spent as a music therapist.  

His current role with Stanford Health Care involves leading the ambulatory care and service lines, partnering with the school of medicine related to its strategic focus, and clinical operations of the ambulatory clinics.

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“I love working in healthcare because of the people primarily, and all these really smart people who just collide all the time and want to do great things. I find it so stimulating,” he told us. 

When it comes to the challenges of his job and working in healthcare overall, Dr. Seay-Morrison is very honest. He discusses with us a constant feeling of the work never seeming like it is truly done. 

“In jobs that are about people, the hardest part is that there's always so much more that could be done,” he said.

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Healthcare Experience Matters, Patient Experience