New Partnership Focused on Enhancing the Healthcare Environment

The Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF) is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the Maryland Healthcare Education Institute (MHEI). This partnership seeks to improve key areas where healthcare leaders and organizations struggle to improve on their own.

With patient experience, and the employee and physician engagement playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of healthcare, organizations continue to recognize the need to accelerate outcomes to remain competitive. This strategic partnership not only brings the sought-after joint skills of the HXF and MHEI teams, but it will continue to improve and evolve the following areas offered to their clients:  

  • effective communication and conflict resolution
  • engagement
  • retention 
  • accountability
  • leadership coaching 
  • patient experience strategies 
  • and organizational change management.

By implementing these skills, leaders will be able to transform the lives of their patients, staff, and leadership.

“I am personally tremendously excited about this partnership and what it means for our clients,” states Katie Owens, President, HXF. “Not only does MHEI and HXF share the same commitment to improving healthcare but their desire to learn and match solutions to the unique needs of each organization. This dedication aligns with our focus to personalize patient care experiences and create engaged employees and physicians.”

“The MHEI and HFX strategic partnership is a powerful combination,” states Mark Rulle, President, MHEI. He continues to explain, “MHEI’s understanding of the healthcare environment and complex patient interactions paired with HFX’s proven solutions to create a collaborative approach for their clients will set this partnership apart from the competition. These together will have a direct impact on Return on Experience (ROX) for current and future clients.”

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