Seven Strategies to Equip an Improved Healthcare Experience

Initiative overload, change fatigue, burnout is all too common phrases we hear in healthcare. These challenges are real. We are in an industry that despite the noblest of missions still suffers from burnout rates toppling 60%, a miss rate of nearly 30% with the patient experience and 251,000 annual deaths due to medical errors. Our goal is simple, to Transform the Healthcare Experience. We believe in what is possible for you and your organization. Our team of experts have devoted their careers to overcoming these same obstacles to create excellence. Activating your people around shared objectives and developing macro competencies will lead to sustainable improvements. In reflecting on successful and sustainable change, recommend focusing on 7 strategies to elevate your team past initiative overload:

  1. Setting and Communicating the Vision-  If you are not setting the tone and role modeling, who will? It is essential for the senior team to collectively cast a vision for excellence unique to your organization, as well as a visibility strategy to demonstrate the organizational commitment to excellence. To elevate organizational alignment, we will also know managers and directors must cascade that vision and create daily inspiration among staff and physicians. It is essential to set goals and identify key metrics that will define excellence.
  • Employee Experience Excellence- Cultures with a sense of community, belonging and psychological safety outperform on all accounts. In order to create an exceptional patient experience, we must first begin with engaging and developing the workforce. We recommend teaching leaders the skills and build the systems to create meaningful engagement and retention. Engagement does not happen by chance. A concerted effort to build relationships with your leaders, staff, and physicians will yield a climate of trust, innovation, and pursuit of excellence.
  • Standards of Patient- and Family-Centered Excellence- With a vision set and communicated, we need to define and create expectations for how we bring the vision to life. We advocate using the latest design principles to create professional standards with high performers from your organization that will demonstrate the WOW factor. The standards and behaviors will be created and introduced to the organization by leaders, staff, and physicians to become an integral expectation for every person, every day. The goal is to build a sense of community and ownership for the experience.
  • Prioritizing the Patient Experience- Why Change? is an important recognition for an organization embarking on a journey to create a culture where patients and families reliably experience compassionate, individualized care. Personalizing the “why” is an essential early skill to drive improvement. Connecting the dots to the standards of patient-and family-centered excellence will enlist all employees wearing a badge across your continuum of care.
  • CARES– Healthcare experiences are never a single interaction, they are made up of a million small encounters. Our CARES approach and curriculum was designed to equip every team member with a common understanding and set of behaviors to create a highly reliable, exceptional patient and family experience. CARES offers a compassionate delivery model for a robust, repeatable practice.
  • Innovating for WOW- Committing to a culture of excellence means constantly raising the bar through innovation. When we work with organizations, we focus on build internal skills to LearnCreateRealize successful change. Innovating and executing action plans are competencies that empower and enlist owners. Systems to listen and learn from the voice of your customers is essential for sustainability. We will work to establish competency in interpreting data, sharing results and engaging employees in action plans to demonstrate proactively, WOW service behaviors that reflect going above and beyond.
  • Sustainability- recognize turnover and organizational memory as an important component of lasting change. We partner with organizations to build competencies and processes reflective of best practice selection, retention, onboarding (leader and staff), and performance management practices. We specialize in developing internal coaches and champions to continue to develop leaders, staff, and physicians and continue to raise the bar. Our success is your lasting success.

Often the challenge is not what we do, but how we do it and having the deepest of convictions for Why we do it. The seven “macro-competencies” are designed to equip you with a better path forward and reduce distractions all while instilling a culture of ownership.

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