The Value of Social Intelligence in Healthcare Leadership

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Last time we chatted with today’s guest on the Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast, Paul Glisson, DO, MBA, FACEP, spoke with us about the benefits of strong emotional intelligence in healthcare. The conversation went so well that we invited him back for a repeat appearance.

This week we are chatting about the value of social intelligence in healthcare leadership with him. Although the discussion is aimed at those in leadership positions, the content of today’s chat will benefit employees working at any stage of their career in just about any role. 

Dr. Glisson currently serves as chief medical officer with Infirmary Health in Mobile, Ala. 

With a medical degree from Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences, and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in health care administration from Auburn University, Dr. Glisson is also a Fellow of American College of Emergency Physicians. He holds licenses and certifications in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia.

The last time he joined us, Dr. Glisson shared thoughts on how his background in the United States Navy shaped his leadership skills and further developed his emotional intelligence. The same can be said about his relationship with social intelligence as listeners will hear in this newest podcast interview with Dr. Glisson.

If you wanted to go back and revisit his interview with us from 2022, you can revisit that emotional intelligence podcast here.

If social intelligence does not come naturally to you, there are many valuable nuggets from this discussion that may help. 

In the midway portion of today’s chat with Dr. Glisson, he discussed advice he has for leaders that simply don’t feel as though social intelligence is part of their core strength. Dr. Glisson talks about many different strategies that we can implement to overcome our hesitations in this area.  

“For folks who struggle with it, I would say, really focus on talking to people,” he told us. “Some of the best advice I ever got was I had a leader ask me to take people to lunch if I could not stand talking to them.”

With so much of today’s interaction happening in the digital space, this conversation is timely and will benefit those that work from home or find themselves in a boardroom, office, operating room, or clinic on a weekly basis. 

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