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A Thank You to Our Nation’s Healthcare Workers from our Podcast Director

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After the recent birth of his first child, Healthcare Experience Foundation’s Podcast Director, Casey Callanan, joins the Healthcare Experience Matters as a guest this week. While typically serving as the host, this is the first time Casey has joined our podcast as a guest since the show’s inception in 2021.

After receiving an outstanding patient experience upon the birth of his first child, today’s episode is a heartfelt thank you to healthcare workers around the United States and world. This is an episode full of gratitude and can hopefully serve to brighten people’s day who work in patient care. 

Casey has been hosting this show since 2021. He came to the Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF) after co-creating and hosting two acclaimed podcasts with the American Urological Association (AUA).

“We had our son come a little early. He was healthy and so was Mom, which obviously checks the first two most important boxes, but we did end up spending more time in the hospital than we planned for,” he said.

“I just wanted a chance to say thank you, because the experience was overwhelmingly positive.” 

Serving as today’s podcast moderator is HXF Co-Founder and President, Katie Owens. Katie has been interviewed on our show many times, but in today’s unique episode, she is the one asking the questions. 

“Casey and his wife, Saroyah, welcomed into the world, their beautiful and healthy son, Sam. And so oftentimes when it comes to the health care experience, we are enlightened when we wear the armband and take on the role of the patient,” Katie said.

Reflecting on his experience at two different hospitals in both Washington, DC, and Baltimore, his family has nothing but sincere gratitude for the folks they encountered. 

As Casey mentions on today’s episode, his family had an early scare three weeks before Sam was born. This took them to the emergency room of a major academic hospital while they were out of town in Washington, DC. 

A few short weeks later Sam was born in Baltimore. Casey mentions his appreciation for housekeeping, food service, patient transport, physicians, nurses, medical assistants, and volunteers while recalling his family’s beautiful experience with a very joyous ending.   

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About Casey Callanan, MBA

Casey Callanan, MBA, helps lead digital marketing and content creation projects for the Healthcare Experience Foundation. He is the owner and chief communications officer for Clear Contender, LLC, a Baltimore-based digital marketing and podcast consultancy. 

He currently co-hosts and produces our podcast, Healthcare Experience Matters. Casey has an array of healthcare marketing and communications experience and spent nearly 8 years at the American Urological Association (AUA) in Maryland before launching Clear Contender, LLC.

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