What Cultural Humility Means in Practice for Healthcare Leaders

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Tiffany C. Chaney, FACHE, joins the Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast this week to discuss the practical application of cultural humility.

In addition to being a Fellow with the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE), Tiffany is Chief Diversity Officer with Baptist Health in Montgomery, Alabama. Throughout her career, she has been guided by the belief that every single person deserves to receive equitable, high-quality health care. 

Our moderator for today’s discussion is Deanna Frings, an Executive Coach at HXF.

According to Baptist Health’s official website, “As Chief Diversity Officer, Tiffany Chaney leads strategic development, promotion, and implementation of health system initiatives to continually shape the organization’s culture as one valuing diversity, equity, and inclusion.” 

She previously joined our podcast in February 2023, for a popular episode entitled, “Building a Purpose-Driven Healthcare Organization,” and you can revisit that episode here:

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Cultural Humility in Practice

In this insightful podcast interview, Tiffany discusses the profound importance of cultural humility in a leader’s journey within the context of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The conversation delves into the essence of cultural humility as a foundation for creating inclusive spaces and fostering diverse work environments.

Tiffany emphasizes the need for leaders to show up respectfully, willing to learn about and embrace cultural experiences different from their own. She explores how cultural humility is essential for achieving equity, breaking down barriers, and understanding the lived experiences of individuals to work towards inclusive and equitable spaces.

The risks of lacking cultural humility are examined throughout the discussion as she touches on biases, stereotypes, and potential harm in clinical settings.

Tiffany provides valuable insights into the impact on patient care, emphasizing the importance of listening and providing culturally relevant recommendations.

As the conversation unfolds, Tiffany offers practical recommendations for leaders committed to practicing cultural humility. The key takeaways include self-awareness, self-reflection, and engaging in open, respectful dialogues.

We encourage all healthcare leaders to embark on a continual journey of learning, reflection, and growth, creating spaces where individuals feel seen, heard, and valued. We are all human, and mistakes will be made. However, after speaking with Tiffany, it is abundantly clear that a commitment to cultural humility must start now.

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Meet Tiffany C. Chaney, FACHE

Tiffany is Chief Diversity Officer with Baptist Health in Montgomery, Alabama. Throughout her career, she has been guided by the belief that every single person deserves to receive equitable, high-quality health care.

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