The Tangible Benefits of Cultural Inclusion Training in Healthcare

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Shari Gold is our guest this week on the Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast. She currently serves as Senior Vice President for Regulatory Compliance and the Chief Quality & Equity Officer with Bergen New Bridge Medical Center in New Jersey.

She is a Healthcare Quality and Regulatory Compliance Executive, and we are honored to have her join our show to discuss the real-world benefits of engaging in cultural inclusion training.

As discussed in this week’s podcast, she recently attended a Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF) Certificate Program on cultural inclusion, and she had a lot of great things to detail about the experience.

Her commitment to professional development is unwavering and she encourages all healthcare staff and employees to make time for events such as these.

Certificate Program to Expand Your Inclusive Leadership

We are excited to announce the return of “DEI Foundations”—a live, two-day virtual certification in diversity, equity and inclusion!
Join us for this upcoming session on August 8th and 9th featuring in-depth, virtual learning.

Unlocking the leadership potential through equity, inclusion, and belonging helps your team achieve greater performance results at a time when healthcare needs to differentiate on culture. We engage participants in a learning journey across six modules: 

  • Module 1: Foundations of DEI
  • Module 2: Cultural Humility
  • Module 3: Emotional Intelligence
  • Module 4: Implicit Bias
  • Module 5: Creating Civility and Belonging
  • Module 6: Inclusive Leadership

Learn more here about the program.

Cultural Inclusion Training

Shari joined our podcast to share insights on her professional journey and illustrate the commitment to quality improvement throughout her prolific career in healthcare.

With over 30 years in leadership, Shari highlighted the evolution of quality care and the importance of integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

As the discussion progressed, Shari expressed her enthusiasm about participating in our HXF certificate program on cultural inclusion this past Spring.

Shari emphasized the value of the benefits of the dynamic sessions and diverse expert presenters.

Key takeaways she highlighted for us included recognizing cultural nuances in care and promoting inclusivity to foster an ideal work environment for driving improved patient outcomes.

She strongly recommends professional development and views this program as a valuable resource for healthcare leaders seeking to enhance their leadership skills and truly make a difference in the work they do.

Throughout the interview, Shari underscored the importance of networking and exchanging best practices with diverse attendees. The program offered her practical insights into creating inclusive healthcare environments, such as considering patient pronouns and cultural practices to ensure patient comfort and quality care.

Overall, she encourages folks to embrace learning opportunities, such as the certificate programs offered through HXF. There is an ongoing need for awareness in delivering personalized care to improve patient outcomes, and no matter what stage of your career you find yourself in, committing to continuing education in this realm is key.

We encourage our listeners to explore this certificate program further and reach out to us with any questions regarding promoting inclusive healthcare practices. For more information, contact the HXF Coaching team at

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