Why The Patient Experience Matters with Missy Moorhead, MSN

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Today we are joined by Michelle “Missy” Moorhead, MSN, for a lively discussion about why she is so passionate about the patient experience. We also discuss why excellent patient experiences matter today more than ever.

With Lee Health in Fort Meyers, Florida, Missy currently serves as Patient Experience and Engagement Specialist. The Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast is a weekly show dedicated to amplifying the voice of today’s leaders in shaping excellent patient experiences. 

We are very excited for this conversation with Missy. Her sincerity and passion for this line of work is contagious. She brings a wealth of clinical and patient experience expertise to the table.

When dealing with difficult circumstances, Missy reminds us to remain confident, calm, and compassionate. 

“When people are lashing out at you, it’s usually not personal. It’s usually because they’re coming from a place where they need us to help them and understand them as human. And really to exhibit love and compassion,” she told us.

This episode is a great listening experience for everyone striving to deliver excellent patient experiences. There are even some great nuggets for dog lovers as Missy describes the comfort and companionship that our furry friends have brought to patients over the years at Lee Health. 

At HXF, we are grateful to be able to serve as moderators for such an important conversation and we look forward to welcoming Missy back to the show with open arms in the future!

Podcast Timestamps

Looking for the timestamps of how this podcast breaks down?  Use the timestamps below to jump to any section (time stamps are based on the above YouTube version of this interview):

  • Please introduce yourself. [00:30]
  • What do you love most about your job and what fuels your passion for this line of work? [3:20]
  • What is something interesting about you, your life and/or your family that we wouldn’t find on your CV? [4:40]
  • Thoughts on the comforts and care the dogs can bring to patients. [5:32]
  • How do you think individuals working in patient care can go above and beyond when it comes to elevating the patient experience? [6:33]
  • Please tell us about your work with Nurse/Hospitalist Rounding—what have you learned through these experiences that our listeners may find valuable or may want to implement in their own institutions? [8:47]
  • Is there anything else valuable that you’d like to share with the audience before we wrap up? [12:36]

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Meet Michelle ”Missy” Moorhead, MSN