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Healthcare Teams Have a New Virtual Learning Tool

Healthcare Experience Academy Positions Leaders, Physicians, and Staff to Deliver Positive Experiences

Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF) is pleased to announce the launch of its latest workforce development tool—the pandemic-approved, all virtual Healthcare Experience Academy. HXF has partnered with the award-winning producers at Blackburst Entertainment to create an immersive video learning experience, delivering timely educational content from physicians, clinicians, patient experience experts, and healthcare leaders.

Healthcare Experience Academy is a pragmatic and competency-based learning platform that positions healthcare teams to deliver exceptional experiences to patients, families and one another. It empowers an organization’s most precious resource—its people—to deliver more consistent and compassionate care.

“We are dedicated to creating environments where every person can deliver and receive the best healthcare experience. We have learned over the past twelve months that equipping and developing the workforce is more important than ever. We are proud to introduce the Healthcare Experience Academy, which combines the latest education trends with a virtual model that won’t break the budget,” said Katie M. Owens, President and Co-Founder of Healthcare Experience Foundation.

The Healthcare Experience Academy currently offers three comprehensive courses with accompanying e-worksheets, all featuring bite sized micro learning videos that can easily fit into the busiest schedule. HXF will continue to rapidly expand the course library over the next several months. Subscriptions are available on a per-course basis or via an all-access pass for individuals and institutions.

“We want to activate the healthcare workforce by blending the latest learning principles with accompanying visuals, created to accommodate a variety of learning styles,” said Walter Lowe of Blackburst Entertainment. “We have been intentional to focus on essential development needs in healthcare today: empathy, patient-centered communication, conflict management, service recovery, emotional intelligence, and more.”

The Healthcare Experience Academy offers both individual and institutional learning solutions. Here are ways to learn more:

  • Live Event: Reserve your seat for Tuesday, March 23, 2021 at 4:00pm EST
  • On Demand: Watch our launch event with the convenience of your schedule. 

Registering prior to the event is preferred but not required. We’ll be answering your questions in the comments section throughout the presentation.

About Healthcare Experience Foundation
Healthcare Experience Foundation equips leaders and organizations to overcome obstacles and drive meaningful performance outcomes. Our vision at the Healthcare Experience Foundation is audaciously simple: shaping cultures so every person can receive and deliver the best healthcare. We believe in honoring the greatness that is happening every day in organizations and in providing tools to drive safer, person-centered care despite the increasing pace of change and distraction. Every organization wants to improve, to do better, to achieve greater experiences—sometimes the struggle is in the “how”.  We offer coaching services, speaking engagements, live webinars, the new Healthcare Experience Academy, and other resources to equip organizations to achieve their healthcare experience potential. Healthcare Experience Foundation proudly powers PRC, Inc.’s Excellence Accelerator Coaching and Improvement Division.

About Blackburst Entertainment
Blackburst Entertainment is an award-winning film, broadcast television, commercial and video production company in Orlando, Florida, dedicated to forging creative, effective, dynamic visual communications pieces that are tailored to clients’ needs.

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