Building Implicit Bias Awareness for Healthcare Leaders

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In this week’s episode of Healthcare Experience Matters, we have the pleasure of being joined by Brenda Ayers, MD, a Physician Coach at the Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF). This crucial podcast interview offers an in-depth exploration of what it takes for healthcare leaders to develop a heightened awareness of implicit bias.

Dr. Ayers is not only a passionate speaker but also a dedicated healthcare professional.  She is a Board-certified physician in Internal Medicine who serves as Medical Director for Health Equity for Nuvance Health.

Focused on building equitable care for all patients, she strives to ensure a brighter, more inclusive future for us all. Our moderator for today’s discussion is Deanna Frings, an Executive Coach at HXF.

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Implicit Bias Awareness

With a wealth of experience and expertise, Dr. Ayers sheds light on why addressing implicit bias is so important these days for healthcare leaders and teams. Research consistently highlights that organizations prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion training, including implicit bias awareness, outperform those that don’t offer it.

Furthermore, financial success is just the tip of the iceberg; fostering an inclusive environment positively impacts employee engagement, innovation, and overall well-being.

Dr. Ayers emphasizes the significance of managing diverse teams effectively, attributing it to improved outcomes in healthcare settings. The podcast delves into the impact of implicit bias on healthcare goals such as employee engagement, retention, and patient experience.

Dr. Ayers underscores the substantial impact between biased attitudes, organizational culture, and patient outcomes. It’s no secret that when employees and patients feel valued, respected, and seen, healthcare organizations tend to flourish.

A major problem in today’s workplaces is what’s often referred to as “microaggressions.” These subtle yet potent forms of bias are rooted in stereotypes. Dr. Ayers provides practical strategies for addressing and combating microaggressions, urging listeners to foster open communication and model inclusive behavior.

Overcoming Implicit Bias Pitfalls

The podcast concludes with a discussion on strategies to overcome the pitfalls of implicit bias. Dr. Ayers underscores the importance of self-awareness, emphasizing that the work begins with acknowledging and understanding one’s internal biases.

She advocates for the investment of time, resources, and infrastructure to create a culture of continuous learning, cultural humility, and awareness.

In her final words for our listeners, Dr. Ayers encourages a commitment to a lifelong process of learning, curiosity, and understanding. The notion of allowing ourselves and others grace as we navigate the complexities of implicit bias resonates as a powerful takeaway in the closing moments of this interview. As healthcare leaders and teams embrace these principles, they pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable future in our beloved calling of caring for patients.

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