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Striving for Excellence in Healthcare, a Chat with Joe M. Inguanzo PhD

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Today’s episode of Healthcare Experience Matters is a chat about striving for excellence in healthcare and the journey of a very unique individual. 

We interview Joe M. Inguanzo PhD, President and Chief Executive Officer of Professional Research Consultants, Inc. (PRC) to learn about his vision for helping healthcare institutions do better through a tireless commitment of striving for excellence.  

Dr. Inguanzo is a Cuban immigrant and entrepreneur that is fully equipped to share with us his wisdom as it pertains to healthcare and life itself. With an educational background in engineering, statistics and computer science, his passion is improving healthcare. Since co-founding PRC, that is the exact work he has been a part of since 1980. 

Improving healthcare through research-driven insights to better ensure hospitals and health systems are excellent environments for employees and patients is what Dr. Inguanzo and his colleagues at PRC are all about. 

With Dr. Inguanzo’s leadership, PRC has benefitted millions of people through sophisticated market research tools. Many different health systems around the United States have enhanced the patient experience through research-driven insights guided by PRC.

Arriving in America 

Dr. Inguanzo arrived in America as a refugee from his native Cuba on July 4, 1962. He was 17 years old. 

“We flew into Miami and I was fortunate because one month later I would have turned 18 and I would not have been able to come over on my Mom’s passport,” he told us.

His determination to achieve his full potential in America took him from Cuba to Miami and on to the Midwest. Among the cornfields of Nebraska is where Dr. Inguanzo would eventually earn a Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering with emphasis on statistics and computer science from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

Survey, Survey Design, and Analysis 

With a natural ability to work with numbers, Dr. Inguanzo parlayed his knowledge of designing surveys into a entrepreneurial opportunity servicing local businesses in Nebraska. By 1983, Dr. Inguanzo began working with hospitals. It was a natural fit given his lifelong ties to medicine. 

“My father was a physician, and my oldest daughter is also a physician,” he said. 

Dr. Inguanzo discussed the different strategies he has employed with PRC to ensure there are limited barriers to folks responding to surveys.  For example, the use of phone surveys has been an important way to ensure patients that may not be literate are still able to provide their feedback. 

“It's important to get a true representation,” he said. “In areas that you have a finite number of people, like for example when we talk about surveying physicians at a given hospital, we try to go after one hundred percent of all the physicians.” 

The Joy of Accomplishment 

Dr. Inguanzo’s story has been a remarkable journey. It is fueled by a simple desire to deliver excellence. After all, he started PRC with the goal of avoiding complacency, accomplishing his full potential, and helping others. 

“We started a company because I didn't want to become a bureaucrat and sit beside a desk from eight to five and not accomplish anything,” he said. “At my age, I can share with you that the most satisfying thing in life is accomplishing things.”

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