Reducing Healthcare Disparities and Elevating the Patient Experience

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Join us for a brand-new episode of the Healthcare Experience Matters podcast this week as we chat with Shawn Rossi, DHA, FACHE. Dr. Rossi currently serves as the Vice President of Communication & Member Engagement at the Mississippi Hospital Association (MHA).

Tune in as we explore the powerful connection between health equity and elevating the patient experience in this thought-provoking podcast. By highlighting this connection, we aim to shed light on the profound impact that addressing health disparities can have on enhancing patient care and satisfaction.

Topics we investigate in this important discussion include fostering trust, addressing unconscious biases, and leveraging data to transform healthcare delivery, ensuring equitable and exceptional care for all patients.

Dr. Rossi kicks off this discussion by providing us with an overview of her responsibilities at MHA and how her focus on health equity has gradually influenced her work. She shares her journey into the health equity space and highlights the importance of incorporating communication and engagement in addressing healthcare disparities.

We also learn about some key takeaways from the recent AHA Health Equity Conference, which she recently attended for the first time. She describes the event’s significance, bringing together individuals working on similar issues and fostering a sense of camaraderie and inspiration for this line of work.

Dr. Rossi reflects on the conference’s influential speakers and the networking opportunities that help drive impactful change upon returning home. It was truly a worthwhile event for like-minded professionals in this important space.

As the conversation progresses, Dr. Rossi sheds light on her work in assisting organizations in preparing for the new CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) and Joint Commission requirements on reducing healthcare disparities. She emphasizes the importance of these initiatives.

In the realm of patient experience, Dr. Rossi shares her insights on how health equity work intersects with building trust and enhancing patient-provider relationships. She underscores the significance of trust in healthcare settings and the role it plays in conveying the availability of care and ensuring patients receive the right treatment at the right time.

Dr. Rossi also emphasizes the value of examining unconscious biases, exploring data gaps, and utilizing data to identify disparities based on race, ethnicity, and language barriers. By highlighting these crucial aspects of the health disparity conversation, she does an excellent job of describing how health equity work is fundamental to ensuring excellent patient experiences.

“A lot of this health equity work is grounded in trust,” she told us. “Trust in that you’re going to be treated well when you get to a healthcare institution, trust that the care is going to be available, that you need it at the right time, at the right place.”

Health equity can be defined as the practice of providing equal access to healthcare services for all individuals, regardless of their background or social determinants of health. It lies at the heart of improving patient experiences.

When healthcare systems prioritize health equity, they are taking a significant step towards ensuring that every patient receives equitable treatment and has an equal opportunity to achieve optimal health outcomes.

By actively addressing unconscious biases within healthcare settings, healthcare professionals can create an inclusive and welcoming environment that promotes trust and builds stronger patient-provider relationships. Patients who feel valued, respected, and understood are more likely to actively engage in their healthcare decisions, leading to improved health outcomes and overall satisfaction.

Health equity is vital for breaking down systemic barriers that contribute to health imbalances. It provides an opportunity to explore innovative approaches, share best practices, and amplify the voices of experts and advocates working towards equitable healthcare experiences.

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Meet Shawn Rossi, DHA, FACHE

Dr. Rossi is Vice President, Communication and Member Engagement with the Mississippi Hospital Association (MHA). She holds a doctorate in health administration from the University of Mississippi Medical Center. She is passionate about Health Equity work and connecting it to elevating patient experiences.

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