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Compassion Tribe Offers Support for Healthcare Leaders on Front Lines of Outbreak

Healthcare workers are accustomed to working in high-pressure situations that can lead to stress and anxiety under normal conditions. Now, as they fight on the front lines of a global pandemic, those stressors are elevated.

To support these dedicated healthcare heroes, the Maryland Healthcare Education Institute and Healthcare Experience Foundation have expanded our partnership to support the mental and emotional needs of caregivers with the launch of the Compassion Tribe.

Today the Compassion Tribe released a new digital library of free videos to help healthcare workers manage COVID-19 with compassion and resiliency. The 10-video series is available on-demand to fit healthcare workers’ busy schedules, allowing them to fit in self-care when and where they can.

The videos are designed to support dedicated healthcare leaders and other caregivers beyond the clinical demands of the COVID-19 public health emergency.

“We hear every day from the healthcare community that there is a real and important need for on-demand learning resources to support resiliency, overcoming burnout and anxiety, compassionate care, and leadership in times of crisis. We have worked with urgency to mobilize our resources to create this library specific to the COVID-19 pandemic and will be adding new videos often,” says Katie Owens, president of the Healthcare Experience Foundation.

The initial launch today includes videos addressing:

  • Communication for Trust
  • Building Trust Through Leadership Visibility
  • Managing Stress During Crisis Through Resiliency
  • Physician Burnout and Stress in the Era of COVID-19
  • Avoiding Blame and Reinforcing Positivity 
  • Difficult Patient and Family Conversations
  • Leadership Awareness During Crisis
  • Incorporating Mindfulness into Daily Habits During Crisis
  • 3 Steps for Senior Leadership Teams to Build Confidence and Trust in Crisis
  • Senior Leadership Communication and Visibility

“Whether your organization is in the thick of the COVID-19 peak, managing increasing volumes with a peak a week or two away, or preparing for the anticipated surge, our goal is to support and encourage the incredible work of the healthcare community,” says Mark Rulle, president of the Maryland Healthcare Education Institute.

You can access the Compassion Tribe video library here.

In addition to the video library, the Compassion Tribe also is offering free, virtual support and comradery via Zoom meetings. More information is available here.

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