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We are thrilled to host Carly Newton this week to compare and contrast some of the unique patient experience nuances in the United States and Australia.

Carly Newton is a registered nurse and Manager of Therapy Access at Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies.

Carly brings a unique perspective to the conversation as she shares her firsthand experiences as both a patient in the U.S. and a nurse in Australia, making her exceptionally well-versed in the patient experience norms of both countries.

During the interview, Carly takes us on a journey through her early career as a nurse in Australia, where she spent over a decade providing critical patient care, primarily in ICU settings. She also delves into her transition to the medical device industry, working to improve patient outcomes through blood and cell technology.

Carly’s career path led her from Australia to Singapore and eventually to Denver, Colorado, where she currently resides.

As an Australian healthcare professional experiencing the US healthcare system, Carly was surprised by some striking differences.

Carly shares her initial surprise when waking up from surgery to find her boss at the end of her bed, something uncommon in Australian hospitals due to stricter visitation guidelines. She further describes the 24-hour food service in US hospitals, in contrast to the more limited meal offerings and scheduled mealtimes she encountered in Australia.

Carly also discusses the importance of effective communication in delivering exceptional patient experiences. Drawing from her nursing background, she emphasizes the significance of empowering patients through education, ensuring they understand their medical conditions, treatment options, and post-operative care.

In her experience, taking the time to communicate with patients and their families during difficult moments in the hospital can provide them with a sense of control and contribute to better outcomes.

Effective communication helps healthcare providers gain valuable insights into patients’ needs, concerns, and preferences, enabling them to tailor care plans accordingly. Effective communication is the cornerstone of patient-centered care, promoting a positive healthcare experience and enhancing the overall quality of healthcare delivery.

Comparing the healthcare systems of Australia and the US, Carly highlights a crucial difference in patient expectations. In Australia, patients may have a different perspective and may not necessarily anticipate a comfortable or pleasant hospital journey.

On the other hand, Carly notes that US patients tend to expect a more patient-driven experience, which can be challenging for healthcare professionals to manage at times.

Carly’s experiences and insights shed light on the importance of patient empowerment, effective communication, and managing patient expectations to deliver exceptional healthcare experiences.

Her unique perspective as both a nurse and a patient in different healthcare systems allows listeners to gain valuable cross-country insights and consider opportunities for learning and improvement. This episode serves as a reminder that patient experience matters immensely, regardless of the geographical location, and that compassionate and patient-centered care remains a fundamental aspect of elevating healthcare excellence.

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Meet Carly Newton

Carly Newton is a registered nurse and Manager of Therapy Access at Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies.

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