Why Psychological Safety is so Important in Healthcare

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Today’s Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast episode covers psychological safety and its importance in a vibrant healthcare workplace. A workplace that takes protecting psychological safety seriously fosters a culture where individuals can speak up with new ideas, questions, and concerns in an effort to do better. 

The patient experience can be elevated in environments that protect psychological safety. In a really strong psychologically safe environment, everyone feels like they can speak up and say what’s on their mind. This is how teams can learn more from each other and ultimately deliver better patient care. 

Our guest today is Stephan Wiedner, a psychological safety expert interviewed by our Podcast Director, Casey Callanan. 

“Psychological safety allows teams and organizations to solve problems better and we have a lot of problems to solve,” Stephan said. 

This is Stephan’s first time joining us here on the HX Matters Podcast. In addition to psychological safety, he regularly covers the following topics in his public speaking appearances:

  • Essential interpersonal skills for leaders and managers.
  • Deliberate practice: The secret to sustained behavior change. 
  • How to inspire hope and positive expectations in teams.
  • Going from a culture of inclusion to belonging.
  • Turning interpersonal conflict into generative collaboration.
  • Concretizing leadership intangibles: executive presence and persuasiveness.

“Psychological safety is a belief that within your work environment, you can speak up, you can say what’s on your mind, and you can even admit mistakes without a fear of some sort of reprimand or consequence,” Stephan told us. 

In simple terms, psychological safety equates to having the courage to speak up and the confidence to know that when you do speak up, you will be heard.

As we learn on today’s interview with Stephan, the ultimate benefit for making psychological safety a priority at your institution is that it helps facilitate powerful decision making and innovation.

“We know that health care is a very complex environment requiring innovative solutions all the time. Where there are problems to be solved, you need psychological safety,” Stephan said.

More About Today’s Guest

Stephan Wiedner is a psychological safety expert whose career has focused on developing sustainable high-performance leaders, teams, and organizations. His passion for unleashing the collective potential of people has led him to cofound, the web’s largest network of independent life coaches,, the deliberate practice platform for interpersonal skills, and, the psychological safety training experts. 

Stephan has been a guest speaker for ACETech CEO Roundtables, Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast, Building Psychological Strength Podcast, and many other audiences interested in psychology, business, and technology. His writing has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and other popular publications. Stephan is married with two children and enjoys spending quality time in the outdoors, hiking, biking, camping, and reading.

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