Introducing Healthcare Experience Matters, a New Podcast from Healthcare Experience Foundation

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Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF) has officially launched a new podcast called Healthcare Experience Matters. It is available now wherever you get your favorite podcasts.

Healthcare Experience Matters delivers the valuable learning content our audience has come to expect from us. Future episodes will include candid discussions and interviews with top thought leaders in the healthcare arena from around the country.

Every one of the millions of small encounters that comprise the healthcare experience serves as a chance to seek excellence, change someone’s day, week, or month. These experiences may even change a patient’s outlook on life itself.

Healthcare Experience Matters is fully available in all popular podcast directories and apps and is completely free of charge. It is our latest vehicle for helping to shape culture as we strive to deliver excellent patient experiences for a worldwide audience.

The Inaugural Episode

We kickoff our episodes with an interview of HXF co-owner and president Katie Owens. As Katie reminds listeners in this initial broadcast, the HXF mission is audaciously simple: shaping cultures so every person can receive and deliver the best healthcare experience.

“We want to create environments where every person can both receive and deliver the best healthcare experience,” Katie said. “What we know is that comes through shaping culture and building competencies and practices that embody the environments of excellent patient experiences and excellent places to work and practice.”

After growing up in healthcare family, Katie witnessed the trials and the tribulations of effective healthcare delivery firsthand. She saw the impact it had on the people on the front lines. To Katie, healthcare is deeply personal.

Her own career has included opportunities working in patient care in both children’s health care and child life therapy. She has worked with leading for-profit and not-for-profit health systems. Katie has spent the last 12 years coaching hospitals and health systems across the country to leverage culture to create amazing outcomes.

In this inaugural podcast, Katie reiterates the podcast’s mission is in lockstep with HXF’s ongoing drive to create demonstrable improvements in patient experiences of care. It exists to improve quality and safety outcomes and assist institutions with retaining star employees.

The Mission of Healthcare Experience Matters

Healthcare experiences are made up of a million small interactions, each adding up to one big impression of your organization.

Healthcare Experience Matters, alongside our recently released Healthcare Experience Academy seek to inspire, develop, and activate your organization’s most important resource – its people.

These resources have been specially crafted to help your healthcare team reach its full potential. The Healthcare Experience Academy and Healthcare Experience Matters podcast make every effort to empower you to make sure the impression you and your team leave is a positive one.

Podcasts have been exploding in popularity over the past decade. Healthcare Experience Matters further positions leaders, physicians, and staff to deliver and receive the latest healthcare experience information in a modern, digital-first medium.

“It’s the flexibility of a podcast that allows listeners the luxury of consuming these resources on the go,” Katie said. “When you are pressed for time, it is a great option; especially for those of us looking to balance professional development with the growing clinical and administrative demands of today’s healthcare environment.”

This podcast will also serve as way to better amplify the amazing people that comprise the HXF’s coaching team.

“We have put together a coaching team at Healthcare Experience Foundation that I believe is hands down world class,” Katie said.

More HX Matters Podcasts

Our podcast is dedicated to transforming the health care experience so that every person can receive and deliver the best care.

You can subscribe to our podcast for free on all major podcast platforms and for video of our interviews, you can always check out the Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF) on YouTube. Catch up on all episodes of our podcast by subscribing and following us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon Music and more.