How a Coaching Mindset Empowers Healthcare Leaders and Teams

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Healthcare Experience Matters is back this week with a new episode as listeners are treated to an insightful conversation with Deanna Frings, an Executive Coach at the Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF).

With an extensive background in healthcare that encompasses clinical, operational, and leadership roles, Deanna brings a wealth of wisdom and a unique perspective to the world of elevating patient experiences.

As a recognized expert, focusing on designing effective educational programs that advance healthcare experiences, she is one of the newest additions to the HXF Coaching Team and we are grateful for her making time for our show.

As listeners will soon realize, the theme of this interview is clear: Deanna is all about compassion and this “true north” of hers shines through in her approach to coaching healthcare leaders and teams.

As the interview kicks off, Deanna emphasizes the importance of simplifying the complexities of healthcare by focusing on its core: caring for individuals during their most vulnerable moments.  

As an HXF Executive Coach, Deanna’s passion lies in education and supporting individuals on their professional journeys. Her fulfillment comes from witnessing the “light bulb” moments when individuals realize their potential and gain stronger confidence to move forward in making a difference in the lives of the patients we serve.

In healthcare, Deanna emphasizes the significance of acknowledging the remarkable daily acts of compassion and care that often go unnoticed.

Deanna’s career trajectory wasn’t meticulously planned; instead, it unfolded organically.

From her initial role as a respiratory therapist to becoming a recognized expert in designing educational programs, Deanna’s journey is marked by adaptability and a willingness to embrace change.

Her love for collaboration and being part of a team is evident throughout her career.

As Deanna delves into the importance of coaching in healthcare, she emphasizes that coaching is more than just being nice; it’s a deliberate, science-backed approach to facilitating change and helping individuals reach their full potential.

By fostering a coaching mindset, healthcare leaders can inspire their teams to recognize and appreciate their own abilities.

Deanna leaves healthcare professionals with a powerful message –healthcare is a relational business, she encourages individuals to recognize the incredible difference they make each day through their actions, whether caring for patients, supporting colleagues, or interacting with families.

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Meet Deanna Frings

Deanna is an Executive Coach with the Healthcare Experience Foundation. She is a recognized expert in designing and creating effective educational and experiential learning programs that elevate and enhance the experience, engagement, and expectations within healthcare. As the Founder and CEO of IEG Experiences, her mission is to Inspire, Engage and support the ongoing Growth of healthcare professionals, leaders, and physicians in their desire to reach their full potential.