Coaching’s Measurable Impact On Improving Patient Experiences

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This week on the Healthcare Experience Matters show, we’re interviewing Elisa Grace, the Vice President of Coaching at the Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF). Elisa joins us to discuss coaching’s role in elevating excellent patient experiences and showcasing some of its measurable impacts.

We also explore into the common myths and misconceptions surrounding coaching, clarifying what it is and what it is not.

Furthermore, we look at how coaching can create a measurable impact on patient care and outcomes while introducing Elisa to our loyal podcast listeners with her first ever appearance on our weekly broadcast.

The Measurable Impact

When it comes to specific coaching outcomes, recently, the HXF coaching team has delivered three consecutive years of improvement in patient loyalty to a large multispecialty medical group. Additionally, the HXF Coaching team has increased its clients’ HCAHPS national ranking by 30 percentile points and reduced readmission penalties by 20-50 percent.

This was achieved while improving physician and employee engagement with statistical significance.

HXF Certificate Programming

In addition to the coaching services outlined in today’s interview, the HXF team is offering an upcoming slate of leadership training for healthcare leaders via our robust schedule of certificate programs.

Our programs help driven, compassionate healthcare leaders shine by honing leadership skills and elevating the qualities that deliver on their purpose to practice healthcare. Learn more here.

Are you interested in learning more? You can reach out directly to Elisa here:

Elisa’s Coaching Wisdom

Elisa’s coaching method, along with the entire HXF coaching faculty, focuses on helping individuals navigate the challenges of dynamic healthcare settings and lead through change.

Coaching guides individuals toward accountability and improvement by leveraging their existing knowledge and actions. Throughout her career, Elisa has developed a passion for patient experience and coaching skills to impact individuals and organizations.

Coaching benefits individuals by addressing personal complexities and biases, helping identify blind spots, and enhancing accountability. By coaching individuals within an organization, the entire leadership team can align and work towards common goals.

Common coaching myths addressed in this podcast interview include coaching not being therapy, not providing quick fixes, and not being a lifelong process. Elisa showcases how coaching, when properly implemented, can lead to improved patient outcomes, enhanced employee engagement, and overall organizational success.

When focusing on health equity and professional development, Elisa and the HXF team are driving meaningful change and creating measurable impacts in the healthcare industry.

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