Driving Excellent Patient Experiences by Improving the “Little Things”

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Often, it is the minor details that add up to make a major difference in elevating the patient experience. As we learn on this week’s episode, many overlooked “little things” can make a substantial difference in delivering excellent patient experiences.

In our latest episode of the Healthcare Experience Matters podcast, Dr. Christine Meyer, an internal medicine physician, shared her insights on the importance of addressing these little things that go beyond medicine and how it has helped her own practice reach impressive growth.

She also addressed issues like improving doctor-patient communication and the impact it has on patient experiences. Other topics covered in-depth in this inspiring conversation include:

  • Enhancing doctor-patient communication to unlock better health outcomes.
  • The power of personalized care in building the doctor-patient relationship.
  • Building trust and connection with patients.
  • Addressing burnout and seeking support in medicine.

“I think one of the most important and overlooked things in practice, especially in primary care, are actually the little things,” she told us. “Little things that seem so outside of what we do as doctors have been critical to the growth of my practice and it’s much more than about just the medicine you practice.”

Dr. Meyer’s journey has been remarkable. From starting her own practice as the sole healthcare provider to expanding it into a thriving institution with over 20 providers and 20,000 patients, and two buildings in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

You can learn more about her practice, Christine Meyer, MD, and Associates (CMMD) by visiting:

She attributes her success to the emphasis her team has placed on patient experiences. The growth of her practice is not because of marketing or advertising, but due to the positive word-of-mouth generated by the exceptional care and personalized attention they have received at her clinic.

But what sets Dr. Meyer’s practice apart? It’s the attention to detail, the little things that often go unnoticed. Dr. Meyer emphasizes that being a good doctor extends beyond medical expertise. It involves creating a welcoming environment, ensuring cleanliness and comfort, improving staff communication, and maintaining a professional online presence with an easy-to-use website and active social media profiles.

These seemingly minor factors have played a significant role in the growth of her practice.

During the podcast, Dr. Meyer also delved into her personal journey of founding the Team CMMD Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting local families battling cancer.

Dr. Meyer’s story serves as an inspiration to anyone facing burnout or a sense of helplessness. She encourages doctors to acknowledge their own vulnerabilities and seek support when needed.

By sharing her own struggles with clinical depression and how her involvement with the foundation became a source of therapeutic healing, Dr. Meyer highlights the importance of reaching out for help. It doesn’t require starting a nonprofit or raising millions; it simply entails recognizing the need for assistance and finding the right support system.

Empathy, too, plays a crucial role in the doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Meyer reflects on how the understanding of clinical depression has evolved over time and urges healthcare professionals to be more attuned to the hidden pain beneath the surface. By proactively probing and engaging patients in deeper conversations, doctors can foster trust and connection, ultimately leading to improved outcomes.

This podcast interview offers valuable lessons on how healthcare providers can enhance doctor-patient communication and deliver better care. The details truly matter, and paying attention to the seemingly insignificant aspects of the patient experience can make all the difference.

Dr. Meyer’s story showcases the impact that attention to detail, empathy, and personal initiatives can have on patient experiences. By embracing these principles, healthcare professionals can transform the doctor-patient relationship, improve health outcomes, and create a more compassionate and patient-centered healthcare system.

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Meet Christine Meyer, MD

Christine Meyer, MD, is an internal medicine physician and founder of Christine Meyer, MD, and Associates (CMMD). CMMD is consistently named the top primary care practice in Chester County, Pennsylvania. More About CMMD:

In 2012, Dr. Meyer founded the Team CMMD Foundation, an award-winning nonprofit organization of volunteers, runners, and cyclists who support local families battling cancer. To date, the charity has raised and donated millions of dollars to local cancer patients and the funding of cancer research. More about this Foundation:

Dr. Meyer is also the author of The Longest Mile: A Doctor, a Food Fight, and the Footrace That Rallied a Community Against Cancer.

In 2022, Dr. Meyer launched Tell Me More, a podcast dedicated to helping healthcare professionals build trust with patients and improve health outcomes—simply by having better conversations. Listen here.

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