How Medical Scribes Help Drive Excellent Patient Experiences

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In this week’s edition of the Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast, we take an in-depth look at some of the (often overlooked) benefits of medical scribes and their positive impact on the patient experience.

We are excited to welcome Dr. Christine Meyer, an internal medicine physician, back to our program for today’s episode. This is the second appearance of Dr. Meyer on our weekly podcast series.

In addition to her being a passionate advocate for driving excellent patient experiences, she is the founder of Christine Meyer, MD, and Associates (CMMD), a practice with over 20 providers, 20,000 patients, and two buildings in the Philadelphia metro region.

As mentioned, in her previous podcast interview episode with us entitled, Driving Excellent Patient Experiences by Improving the Little Things, she attributes the success of CMMD to the emphasis her team has placed on ensuring a top-notch patient experience for everyone who walks in the door.

The growth of CMMD is not because of traditional advertising or marketing campaigns, but due to the positive word-of-mouth generated by patients at her clinic.

Medical Scribes in Primary Care

*Research on the use of medical scribes in the primary care setting has linked medical scribes to heightened productivity and efficiency, elevated healthcare provider satisfaction, and, in numerous instances, increased levels of patient satisfaction.

This sentiment is corroborated by the stories told by Dr. Meyer in today’s podcast. She joined our show to shed light on the often-underestimated advantages of incorporating medical scribes into the clinical setting.

Medical scribes at CMMD not only document patient visits in real-time but also serve as an extension of the clinician, allowing Dr. Meyer to maintain eye contact and enhance the overall patient-provider interaction in general.

Medical Scribe Logistics

The discussion touches on the logistical aspects of hiring medical scribes, revealing that CMMD often hires pre-med or medical students seeking valuable experience during a gap year.

Dr. Meyer emphasizes the dual benefits of this arrangement as patients receive more personalized care and detailed post-visit summaries, while clinicians experience a significant reduction in workload and stress.

The conversation extends to the unique relationships formed between patients and scribes, where patients of CMMD often reach out to scribes for clarification on post-visit instructions. Dr. Meyer acknowledges the costliness of implementing such a system but highlights its impact on both patient satisfaction and clinician efficiency.

As the discussion unfolds, Dr. Meyer addresses the misconception that medical scribes must have a traditional medical or patient care background, revealing that individuals with diverse healthcare-related degrees, including healthcare business, can excel in the role.

This insightful conversation explores the multifaceted benefits of medical scribes, showcasing how they elevate the patient’s experience while gaining invaluable patient care knowledge inside the clinic.

For any medical student or aspiring medical trainees in the eastern Pennsylvania region who may be interested, Dr. Meyer invites you to reach out and join her expanding team. You can send her an email at to learn more!


Ziemann M, Erikson C, Krips M. The Use of Medical Scribes in Primary Care Settings: A Literature Synthesis. Med Care. 2021 Oct 1;59(Suppl 5):S449-S456. doi: 10.1097/MLR.0000000000001605. PMID: 34524242; PMCID: PMC8428869.

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Meet Christine Meyer, MD

Christine Meyer, MD, is an internal medicine physician and founder of Christine Meyer, MD, and Associates (CMMD). CMMD is consistently named the top primary care practice in Chester County, Pennsylvania. More About CMMD:

In 2012, Dr. Meyer founded the Team CMMD Foundation, an award-winning nonprofit organization of volunteers, runners, and cyclists who support local families battling cancer. To date, the charity has raised and donated millions of dollars to local cancer patients and the funding of cancer research. More about this Foundation:

Dr. Meyer is also the author of The Longest Mile: A Doctor, a Food Fight, and the Footrace That Rallied a Community Against Cancer.

In 2022, Dr. Meyer launched Tell Me More, a podcast dedicated to helping healthcare professionals build trust with patients and improve health outcomes—simply by having better conversations. Listen here.

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