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In the latest episode of our Healthcare Experience Matters show, we sit down with Laura Orr, a healthcare executive with years of experience in navigating the complexities of the healthcare industry.

Laura shares her insights on what it takes to be an effective leader in this challenging environment, as well as strategies for managing competing priorities and building strong, resilient teams. Join us as we explore this important topic of healthcare leadership in our newest podcast episode.

This is Laura’s first time joining us on Healthcare Experience Matters. In addition to her years of operations, strategic planning, and board governance experience, she is the CEO of Forward. Forward is a company she founded that is dedicated to helping executive leaders and governing bodies drive organizational success.

“You want a streamlined board and committee structure with really clear delegations of authority. Once you have that high-functioning structure in place, you can then start to focus on what are the competencies and the diversity elements of the board that you can optimize,” she told us.

While listening to today’s discussion you will hear about the keys to effective governance in healthcare leadership. Laura shares her insights on the building blocks that are essential for success in this complex field of healthcare.

“When board members join a health care board, it is very rare that they’re coming in with deep health care knowledge,” Laura told us.

“We know health care is a very unique business with a very unique business model. The onus is on the management team to make sure that all members have the information they need and the resources they need to effectively carry out their fiduciary duties,” Laura said.

Drawing from her own extensive experience, as well as the latest research and best practices, Laura provides guidance for our podcast audience members looking to improve their governance skills and build strong, resilient organizations.

“The financial pressures for healthcare institutions are real and they have been for years. We can expect that to continue,” she told us.

Whether you’re a seasoned healthcare executive or just starting out in your career, this episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in effective governance and leadership in healthcare and beyond.

“It’s really critical that the executive team and the board are partnering in these complex strategic discussions and decisions,” Laura said.


Looking for the timestamps of how this podcast breaks down? Use the timestamps below to jump to any section (time stamps are based on the above YouTube version of this interview):

  • Before we begin, please introduce yourself by telling us about your professional background and what your current role entails. (0:34)  
  • What drives your passion for coming to work every day? What is your “Why?” (2:00) 
  • What are some of the challenges facing executive teams and boards in today’s healthcare environment? (3:28) 
  • What are some of the key elements of effective governance? (5:02)
  • What is the role of the board in elevating the healthcare experience? (12:10)
  • Do you have any final thoughts, or anything else that you feel is important, to add to today’s discussion? (14:34) 

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Meet Laura Orr

Laura Orr is the Founder and CEO of Forward, a firm dedicated to helping executive leaders and governing bodies drive organizational success.

Laura Orr is an accomplished executive leader with nearly twenty years of operations, strategic planning, and board governance experience and she has deep expertise in facilitation and leadership coaching. Before founding FORWARD, Laura served in various leadership roles, most recently as Chief Strategy and Governance Officer at Children’s Wisconsin.

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