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Building a Purpose-Driven Healthcare Organization with Tiffany C. Chaney, FACHE

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Tiffany C. Chaney, FACHE, joins the Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast this week to discuss what it takes to build a purpose-driven healthcare organization. 

In addition to being a Fellow with the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE), Tiffany is Chief Diversity Officer with Baptist Health in Montgomery, Alabama. She is guided by the belief that every single person deserves to receive equitable, high-quality health care. 

“Through our work, we have the opportunity to provide equitable care that does not vary in quality because of a person's personal characteristics. Each and every time we do so, we're living that equitable, just and humane care that [Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.] advocated for each person to receive,” she said. 

According to Baptist Health’s official website, “As Chief Diversity Officer, Tiffany Chaney leads strategic development, promotion, and implementation of health system initiatives to continually shape the organization’s culture as one valuing diversity, equity, and inclusion.” 

“I believe that every single person deserves to work in a place where they feel like they belong,” she said.

Tiffany is also an ordained minister with Gathered by Grace in Montgomery. We are thrilled for her to share her perspective with us on today’s program. When it comes to what Tiffany loves most about her job, she is quick to point out that it is the people that fuel her passion and commitment to this work. 

“I love the people. I love engaging and collaborating, both with our team members and with community members,” she told us. 

When it comes to the challenges, Tiffany discussed the need for people to often step outside of their comfort zone and engage in self-examination of one's own cultural and professional background.

“I tell our team members frequently that I'm not going to promise you that this work will be comfortable,” she said. “What I can promise is that I'll commit to creating safe spaces where we can process our reflection and actions together and strive to learn and grow.”

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This is Tiffany’s first ever time joining our podcast and we would love to have her back on soon. You can watch this entire discussion now:


Looking for the timestamps of how this podcast breaks down?  Use the timestamps below to jump to any section (time stamps are based on the above YouTube version of this interview):

  • Please introduce yourself. [00:30]
  • What do you love most about your job? [3:27]
  • What fuels your passion for this line of work? [4:23]
  • What are some of the biggest challenges about your job? [6:20]
  • How do you think your institution goes above and beyond when it comes to patient care? [8:17]
  • How do you think healthcare institutions can get more strategic when it comes to engaging the workforce and making sure people find purpose in their work? [12:04]
  • Is there anything else valuable that you’d like to share with the audience? [19:05]

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