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One Doctor’s Story: How Humanitarian Work Can Fight Burnout

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We have a return guest this week on Healthcare Experience Matters for a compelling chat on selflessness. 

Trevor Turner, MD, is our guest once again. In this interview, we talk about his powerful relationship with giving back, medical volunteer work overall and the ways it helps reduce feelings of burnout. 

Aid work has been the catalyst for Dr. Turner’s trademark compassion and empathy over the years as both a physician and in his everyday life away from work. As we chat about in today’s discussion, volunteering can provide a deeply fulfilling rejuvenation of energy. 

It can provide healthcare workers – and really anyone -- with many lasting emotional rewards inside, including a reduction of burnout.   

Dr. Turner is a physician coach with the Healthcare Experience Foundation. In addition to his HXF coaching role, Dr. Turner is Director of Center for Orthobiologics at Georgia Bone and Joint, a midsized orthopedics practice near Atlanta.

This is the second time Dr. Turner has joined our show. His last visit came in August 2022 for an interview about maintaining empathy for patients

When it comes to giving back abroad, Dr. Turner knew early in his medical training that it was something he wanted to experience. 

“I probably would have always had in the back of my mind regretted it had I never tried or experienced service work,” he told us.

This interview with Dr. Turner serves as an inspiring piece of storytelling and gives practical advice for those looking to fight burnout. As he describes, this commitment to service helped him gain a better perspective on the world around him. 

Make sure to stick around for the entire podcast. Towards the end of today’s interview, Dr. Turner has advice for how physicians, medical trainees and just about anyone who provides care can take steps to volunteer and serve others. 

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More About Dr. Turner

Dr. Turner is a wealth of knowledge and compassion. He visited our podcast last summer for a discussion on Maintaining Empathy for Patients in a Busy Practice Environment. We highly encourage listening to today’s episode and checking out his previous interview about upholding empathy and thorough communication in a demanding patient care setting.

He has extraordinary insight about partnering with his colleagues: the team in the clinic, and certainly his patients. As a physician coach, Trevor Turner, MD mentors leaders, staff, and physicians to improve teamwork, communication, and respect.

He is widely regarded for his expertise in the patient experience, emerging technology, and helping organization's improve performance. Trevor believes that the ability to be vulnerable is crucial for anyone who wants to genuinely connect with patients and others. He is one who truly walks-the-walk, and serves as an example to those in his professional orbit. Highly regarded as a mentor and coach, Trevor sees exceptional value that different kinds of people and thus, a diversity of perspectives, bring to a situation.

"We all have things we excel in, and it takes more than one person's strengths to develop creative solutions."

It is that humble approach, along with his extraordinary communication abilities and compassionate, empathetic approach that make him a very effective coach for physicians.

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